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Admin Permissions for Arc?

Hi all,

I was speaking to my coworker about how Arc collections worked, and he brought up a question I didn't have an answer for. We are trying to get a large chunk of Arc videos set up for several of our courses, and in order to do this we are sending several of our video files to the Arc team to get the videos added to all of the correct courses at the same time. What I don't know is how a Canvas account or subaccount administrator might be able to see all the Arc lecture videos uploaded to the courses he is an admin over. Is there a portal an admin could go to and see all the lecture videos imported into Arc or be able to sort the Arc videos by looking for a specific course's collection? Or does the admin have to go into each course and look at the Arc Media Library tab?

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We have access to an instructure media domain that gives a bit more expanded view of the videos that have have uploaded via a particular account (e.g., I log in as myself and can only see videos I have uploaded, or that have been shared with me). Being an admin on both the Canvas and Arc side does not seem to play a role in how I am able to view video uploaded by other users.

To try and work around this, our department uses a shared admin account so that we can see all videos that have been uploaded. We can do this because we are the only individuals that upload lecture videos for the courses. It is not ideal - and it was something that we had to think through during our transition to Arc.