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Arc Caption Request Button Size

290222_Arc Button.png

Apologies if I'm missing something, but I wanted to see if others have the same experience as our institution. We have noticed that when requesting captions, the 'Which language is spoken?' box is actually a little smaller than it seems. Users can only really click in the area highlighted in red above... the right side of the arrow does nothing. We have had a few puzzled users wondering why they can't request captions. I didn't see the option for a feature request through the Arc group, but really my request would be to extend the button to be clickable throughout the entire squared dropdown box.

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Explorer III

yes.  it should be bigger.

Community Coach
Community Coach

I also agree.  I spent a few minutes with tech support at Instructure, and they said it is a "known issue and is being looked into as of now".  My ticket number is 03493585.

Community Coach
Community Coach

I also have a ticket in for this as it’s really confused a few of our faculty. 😞

From what I can tell, it looks like the fix is complete and will be deployed soon. Thanks for submitting the tickets! 


Looks like the fix has been deployed. I see the desired functionality on my instances. Wohoo! 

Thanks  @brianyuhnke !  Looks like it's working now.