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Arc inappropriately sharing student group videos to all users

We have Arc and Canvas; we have discovered that anyone sharing a video in a student Group discussion/page/etc. causes the video to be visible to all users in our account via an institution-wide account. We have submitted the issue but I wanted to see if other Arc/Canvas users are experiencing this as well, and if so whether we could band together to increase the pressure on Instructure to fix. This issue is a huge FERPA issue since class-specific videos are being shared outside of the class. We have raised issues in the past with the product manager, but he seems to have very little interest in acknowledging or addressing Arc issues. 

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Community Coach
Community Coach, Thank you for sharing this information! I don’t believe we’ve used Arc for student group projects yet, so I can’t say if we are also having this problem or not. Yet, now that I’m aware I’ll make sure and do some testing before faculty try this out. 

Thanks for thr the heads up!



Instructure fixed the issue after many weeks but not sure if they just fixed it for us or if its still happening at other schools...