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Can't record a video in Android. Won't let me give access to my webcam.

When attempting to do a record a video on my android phone by clicking Record and Webcam Capture, I am prompted with the following message:

276699_Screenshot_20180523-150124_Canvas Student.jpg

It does not give me any clickable dialog. There doesn't seem to be any way to proceed.  Any ideas?

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 @dslauson ‌

I was getting the same error as well, but you can use the mobile site of InstructureMedia to record.

1. From the Canvas App click on the "Up Arrow Icon" in the Upper Right Hand corner of the screen.

Accessing Instructure Media

2. Once you open up the instructuremedia site from the icon, click on the Webcam Capture again.

3. You will be prompt with

Arc Mobile Permissions

4. Click Share and you can start to record. 

Hope this helps.