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Deleting Shared Videos/Captioning Workflows

We are currently coming up with a workflow to allow captioning work studies to caption instructors' videos in Arc. We ALMOST have a perfect workflow... if the instructor could just share the video with the captioner (or a shared captioning account) with edit rights, that person could go in, edit the captions, and the videos captions would auto-update wherever that video would be linked.

The hiccup in this plan is that because getting edit permissions to a video gives you the ability to FULLY delete the video, it's dangerous to give ANYONE the edit link to your content since they could delete it permanently from Arc... forever.

This is my understanding of how sharing with edit permissions works, so this question is really twofold:

1) Am I understanding how this feature works? And if so is this something worthy of an idea?

2) Does anyone have a smooth workflow to share for allowing others to caption videos for faculty?

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