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New Arc Layout/Interface

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I'm not sure when this was pushed, but is everyone else seeing a new interface for our Arc collections? 280609_pastedImage_1.png

Navigating to a video from both the global Arc icon and from the Arc item within course navigation takes you to this page, but it doesn't seem to work right since trying to embed from this menu gives the following error:


The only way I can find now to get into the available tools, like caption editor, is to actually embed a video in the course. It doesn't seem to really function from the global navigation options anymore. Anyone know what's happening here?

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Hi All,

We would like to apologize for the inconvenience earlier today in regards to accessing the Arc Media Library. What you experienced when trying to view media via this portion of the product was not intended. We have since restored the UI to its original state, and it should be functioning as expected.

Thanks for your patience,


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Community Coach
Community Coach, we are having the exact same problem since early this afternoon (things were fine this morning). I've also talked with‌ and they are having similar issues. We put in a help ticket to support, but haven't heard anything back yet. 


Thanks Kona... glad to see I didn't break anything.

Here's a question in Canvas etiquette for anyone listening... does Instructure prefer tickets to be submitted by multiple institutions so they can track the impact of a issue, or is your ticket probably enough?

Here's the response we just got from Support - 

Thank you for contacting Canvas Support! I'm sorry to hear you're having some difficulty accessing Arc videos. We've recently pushed out a change to this UI which may make a few changes to your workflow. However, we've recognized an issue with this which is preventing videos from being played from within an instance (when you click on the 'Arc' icon). They should be able to be played here, which will bring up the rest of your editing options. We're working to correct this behavior and should see this corrected soon. I am going to add this ticket to a tracker which will keep you updated by e-mail as our engineers work to correct this.

In the meantime, you should be able to edit the videos normally at the following address:

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns we can assist you with!

Also, it's normally good to go ahead and report the problem (1) so support knows for sure who the problem is impacting and (2) so you are alerted personally about what's going on with the situation. My recommendation is to file a ticket and include a reference to ours - Case #03233018

Hope this helps!


Community Coach
Community Coach

PS, here's my response:


The work around doesn’t help because we are captioning video for faculty. The video are uploaded to Arc in that faculty member’s account and we can’t masquerade as someone else on the site.

Why wasn’t there any notice to Arc users about a coming change to the UI. This is pretty important for us (as Admin’s) to know so we can get the information out to our faculty and upate our training resources.


Thanks, very helpful indeed.

Not sure if this will help you, but the workaround I found for now is to just embed the video in any piece of content (assignment, page, etc.), and the old options for captioning still appear.

EDIT: Looks like the old layout might have been restored.

Learner II

And here is MY response to Canvas Support:

I'm sorry, but this does not help us. Not at all! We are assisting our faculty with the literally hundreds of videos they need uploaded to their Arc Media Libraries, and then we are assisting them in requesting/editing captions. The way you have things set up now, you have completely blocked us from doing this. We are not able to get into our instructor's Arc Media Libraries and assist them.

In fact, when you flipped this switch and changed over to this, one of my staff members was in the middle of editing captions for an instructor's video, and it kicked him out!


We need to be able to continue to assist our faculty with captioning and editing them. Please advise.

They can probably tell that I'm not very happy at the moment. Oh well......

Yes, very helpful - it looks like the old UI has been restored. 

Learner II

Thank goodness they restored it! Now maybe we can get things done that we need to do for our faculty!

Here's the most recent response I got from Canvas Support - 

This was not an entirely new UI, just a new UI option being added, which will allow new workflows once it is fully implemented. An issue with the way it was added interrupted the ability to directly click on videos from within Canvas, which our engineers corrected as soon as we recognized the issue.