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New Arc Layout/Interface

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I'm not sure when this was pushed, but is everyone else seeing a new interface for our Arc collections? 280609_pastedImage_1.png

Navigating to a video from both the global Arc icon and from the Arc item within course navigation takes you to this page, but it doesn't seem to work right since trying to embed from this menu gives the following error:


The only way I can find now to get into the available tools, like caption editor, is to actually embed a video in the course. It doesn't seem to really function from the global navigation options anymore. Anyone know what's happening here?

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Hi All,

We would like to apologize for the inconvenience earlier today in regards to accessing the Arc Media Library. What you experienced when trying to view media via this portion of the product was not intended. We have since restored the UI to its original state, and it should be functioning as expected.

Thanks for your patience,


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Thank you, Peter. It was extremely frustrating to have this happen, but I'm glad it's been taken care of. We can now get back to the business of helping our faculty with their video. Appreciate it!

Thanks, Peter! Looking forward to seeing what you all are cooking up. I liked the look of that toggle button for allowing comments; I think that'll be a step up in allowing users to intuitively know that they can use Arc with or without the comments area at the bottom.

I'd say my question is answered.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Deactivated user, I appreciate you jumping on here and providing some insight into what happened today. My positive spin on this is that we just got the opportunity to see a sneak peak of what’s coming (or might be coming) with the Comment toggle switch! And yes, I agree with Andrew that the switch might make that option a little better known to our faculty!

Thank you!