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New to Arc and have some questions

Hello, new to Canvas and Arc. Our university looks to be moving to Canvas and we are looking at the trial version of Arc. I manage the media content for our online course offerings and have two initial questions:

Is there a way to allow students to download media from Arc?

We currently use Kaltura for our streaming server. Does anyone have any experience with how Arc compares to Kaltura?

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Well we have just started working with Arc and I can tell you that I do not know of a way for students to download the media.  Now that might be a future feature that gets released but as of now that is not an option.

So far the feedback has been good but again only a few users have actually seen the tool in action and worked with it.

We don't use Kaltura and I'm not too familiar with that software to give you a good comparison.

Good luck

**Edit:  There is a feature request‌.