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Presenting Arc to Faculty & Students

We have been running Arc on a handful of courses for the past several weeks, and are going to begin our migration process today (transitioning all of our existing videos over to Arc). So I am curious as to how you may have presented Arc to faculty and students.

And also very curious to see how everyone is using Arc.

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We hosted two different sessions for Arc training and also put them online so faculty could participate from the comfort of their offices if they so chose.  I also created a Canvas course that all the faculty who attended joined and it gave them three things. There is a Q and A section so that all the questions and answers have a landing spot.  There is also a complete tutorial walkthrough based on the Arc documentation. Finally, there is a section of the course where the faculty then interact with Arc. They have to find a video (that I supply), download it, and upload it into the discussion question that I have assigned in the module.

This has been a tremendous help during the training as it prompted a lot of great conversations about comments in a discussion, comments on a video, etc.  Also, having remote faculty in the session and course has been tremendous.  It has given all of our faculty a chance to see Arc in action in both types of environments.  I am going to be sending out a survey at the end of March to gather initial feedback and see how things are going, who is using the tool, how is the tool being used, and what are some additional features faculty would like to see or feel would give the tool, even more value.