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Adventurer II

Shared Repository (or Repositories?)

Hello - a question about the Organization Repository mention on the Arc Group home page (  😞

Is the vision to create and provide a single shared repository for the entire domain, accessible by teachers alone so they can selectively add content to the repository and then also embed media content to their courses to then be viewed by students?  Or perhaps this could this be a 'more than one' solution?  I am asking as I can see value in having at least two shared repositories.  One for the institution to post owned content and a second for teachers to share content.  Granted,  the related idea of User Collections may also be useful here.     

Thanks for insights!

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Community Coach
Community Coach, I think that's an interesting question. We've got a shared repository for our College's marketing department, but otherwise we've just been adding to individual accounts and then sharing as needed. Yet, it would be nice if for some video there was some type of repository or collection option available that we could share or save video to that could then be accessed by the faculty and/or our College. 


Community Member

Hi Jeff,

The idea I think  here is to have have only one big depository by instance of Canvas from there all users could set if public/private and within the global collection each user keep his own collection. This will require to have some Arc admins to be set in order to know who can do/see what. For example normal user (other teachers) could not see other users private items. Where Admins could see everything. Other asset of this could be that the analytics are all available at the global collection level and we could then have more details by courses.

And we could also know some global information like:

- which video is use where (across all courses)

- who is looking at it (across all courses)

- see all feedback's (across all courses)

- other statistics..

I don't see why having multiple depositories? This could be manage by having one only anyway, isn't it?

Thank you,


Yes, perhaps a single shared repository would be workable.  This would be even more of a sure thing if the shared repository had tagging or perhaps folders.

For our institution-owned content it makes sense for it to be 'owned' by a single user account.  But the challenge with this is then the instruction designers who create the courses may have to login to a separate shared Canvas account in order to insert the various media into the courses.  While that technically works it makes for a more complex workflow.   Perhaps a user collection (folder) will be able to be shared to a groups of persons?  I see this is noted in this idea: