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Tips- Worked Well- Didn't Work As Expected

For those who were in the Arc beta, do you have any tips/things that worked well/didn't work well? I'm looking at whether to implement Arc for my school and curious to hear more about whether you used it more as a complete video replacement tool or you just use it for interactive elements in courses, etc.? What use resulted in the greatest interactivity?

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We are using it (university level) as a complete replacement. Our online program uses lectures recorded in-studio for each unit/week, which means we have tons of video content. Our initial interest was to use Arc as a video management solution for the university. But Arc's ability to provide analytics on viewership is huge. We can now paint a much clearer picture of how viewership can affect a student's grade, as well as determining if the lecture is accomplishing what we need it to.

In terms of it being an interactive tool, we didn't really have that expectation when we joined the beta. We do plan on using Arc as an interactive tool for the future, but we haven't mapped out how we want to accomplish it.

We are getting ready to roll out the product Canvas-wide for our online program now. So please know that my comments only pertain to the courses we experimented with during beta. But we were/are very impressed with Arc.

Deactivated user​, Deactivated user​​, and Deactivated user have been amazingly helpful throughout the entire process.

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Jeremy, thank you for the feedback. I'll be signing a contract for Arc tomorrow, so I'm glad to hear it's working well for your school. I don't know how many schools were included in the beta, but it seems like there's still very little posted about Arc in the Canvas community. (Or anywhere for that matter)

I'm going in knowing the interactivity limitations as of right now, but am hopeful they'll be able to roll out new features relatively quickly. It seemed like most every feature I asked about in the demo they had already discussed so I think that's a very good sign.

We're excited to have you on board Todd! We have a really exciting roadmap that we'll be posting in the community here over the next few weeks, and we're confident that we'll be able to move quickly as you mentioned.

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Thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to hearing about the roadmap. I'm looking at designing video content specifically for use with Arc so I'm sure I'll be among the first to use whatever features you add.