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Arc Release Notes (2018-02-22)

Arc Release Notes (2018-02-22)

In this Arc release, users can record videos using a webcam.

Arc is an online video platform that makes learning more impactful through active collaboration. Learn more about Arc.

  New Features


Arc Video

Webcam Capture

Users can record videos using a webcam. Arc webcam capture is supported by Chrome and Firefox browsers. 

record video with webcam

Videos can be recorded from any page in an Arc account. Videos can be recorded for any length of time, but shorter video recordings under 5 minutes are recommended.

start video recording


There seems to be a problem with the community because I want to like this 10 times but am only able to like it once.  

My thoughts exactly  @dlyons  ! So excited for this feature release!

allifoote  -  A few requests:

  • Please share some of the technical details such as the frame and bit rate, resolution, etc.  I understand the webcam capabilities are also a factor that defines the quality of the end product.   
  • Can you please share info about the underlying technology? I don't want to assume this is using HTML5, but I am not seeing prompts to enable Flash.   
  • Lastly, please explain why this works in Chrome and Firefox but not the other browsers.  I am sure we will be asked.     

ps.  THANKS!!!  This is a very nice addition.  

Hi  @Jeff_F ‌,

Arc webcam capture is built with HTLM5 and WebRTC APIs that are currently supported by Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Let me know if you have other questions.



allifoote - re: HTML5 -- that is the best news I've heard all day.   Can the potential frame rate and resolution be shared?

My gratitude ~!  

 @Jeff_F ‌, 

It depends on the user's webcam. However, the resolution does max out at 720p. 


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