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Arc Release Notes (2018-05-01)

Arc Release Notes (2018-05-01)

In this Arc release, media files are automatically paused when a user is editing an auto-generated caption file.

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  Updated Features


Arc Media

Auto-Generated Caption Editing

When a user is editing an auto-generated caption file, the media is now automatically paused when the user starts typing in the timestamp section. This change helps users with a more efficient editing process. Clicking the next timestamp will resume the media.


Nice to see a positive change being made to Arc. +1 for greater accessibility!! 

Now if we can just get pass-through captions to work from YouTube!  It would be really nice if students didn't have to enable them externally first in the video in YouTube, then go back to the video in Arc to see it with the captions that were already present.


This is a helpful update (we just got Arc activated in our account last evening).  The following Feature Idea," modifiedtitle="true" title..., is somewhat related.  Any chance you might be able to provide an update for us in that thread?


Thanks for the question.  We don't have an update for that specific feature idea at this time, but please continue to follow it to receive a notification if/when we do.

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