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Arc Release Notes (2018-10-31)

Arc Release Notes (2018-10-31)

In this Arc release, Arc Video Quizzing allows media owners to create and deliver video quizzes. This feature helps evaluate how well users comprehend course video content in real time.

Arc Video Quizzing is in beta for Canvas+Arc users and must be enabled in Arc by a Canvas Customer Success Manager.

Arc is an online video platform that makes learning more impactful through active collaboration.  Learn more about Arc.

  New Features



Video Quizzing (Beta)

Arc Video Quizzing provides media owners with an innovative way to create engaging and impactful learning experiences through video. Media owners can create and deliver video quizzes to evaluate how well users comprehend course video content in real time.

To enable this feature, Arc admins need to contact their Customer Success Manager (CSM). Once the feature is enabled, Arc admins can enable the video quiz creation feature on a per-user basis. On the Arc Users page in their standalone Arc site, admins can locate the user and enable the Video Quizzing feature.

Enabled Video Quizzing Per User

Quiz Creation

Quizzes must be created from the My Uploads page. To create a quiz question, click the Add button. The Add button appears when the media is paused. Currently, only multiple choice question types are supported. Once a quiz has been embedded in a course, it cannot be edited.

Create Quiz

Add Quiz Questions

Quiz Embedding

Once the quiz is embedded and the content is published, users can take the quiz.

Embed Quiz

Quiz Taking

Take Quiz

While users play the media, questions are displayed on the media timeline. To continue watching the video, users should answer each question.

View Quiz

Quiz Results

Individual quiz results are displayed for users after they submit the video quiz. Individual quiz results include the percentage of correct answers, the number of points received, time elapsed, number of attempts, and answers to the questions.

View Quiz Results

Arc video quiz results include the high score, low score, average score, standard deviation (how far the values are spread across the entire score range), and the average time of quiz completion, and Cronbach's Alpha.

View All Quiz Results

  Fixed Bugs


Arc Media 

Loading Error

Arc media displays correctly in courses. Previously, Arc media displayed an error when users accessed Arc media.


One quick question, do the results of these quizzes link into the Canvas gradebook?

Thanks! Kona

Hi Kona,

Thanks for the comment. In this initial beta release the results don't pass back to the Canvas gradebook, but that is scheduled to be released in the coming weeks while we are in this beta period. Also for more info on what to expect for this beta period please visit Arc Video Quizzing Beta Group Page. This page will outline the beta timeframe, additional functionality we plan to add and how to get set-up with the feature. Most importantly it will enable you to submit feedback that can help us as we continue to develop and refine the feature.



We are getting our first "hands on' experience with the new Arc Video Quizzing today.

  • Once a student chooses to submit the quiz (you get this option at the very end of the video), are instructors able to view the all student results of the quizzes (even if these scores aren't yet tied to the Gradebook)?  I do see some statistics and item analysis data that shows up after a while (not sure exactly when this shows up after a student submits).  However, there's nothing that identifies how a particular student did on the quiz...from what I can see.
  • It seems that a student could re-take the video quiz over an over again...but only the highest score is kept.  Is there any way to limit the number of times a video can be watched and a quiz can be taken?  If not, is this being developed at all?


We hope you enjoy your experience! 

Instructors are able to view results for the entire quiz. Individual user results will be added during the beta period. For more information about additional functionality to be released in this beta period, please visit the

Currently, there is not a way to limit the number of times a video can be watched and a quiz taken. When grade pass back is implemented, each submitted quiz will send a result to the Gradebook, which will allow instructors to select the score of their choosing. However, as the beta period progresses, we will be evaluating all feedback which can help influence our plan moving forward.

If this does not meet your exact use case, we would love additional feedback to understand the goal you are wanting to achieve in limiting quiz attempts. This will help us better understand your needs and inform future development.


I'm so excited about this feature I'm posting a comment even before using it. I'll fill out the feedback form too to say that I hope the quizzing can be included as part of the requirements for a module (whether or not quiz results appear in the gradebook). I would love to use the video quizzing to be used as a way to require students watch a video. Requiring an attempt is good; better is a minimum score based on retention; best is a minimum score that measures making connections and drawing conclusions.

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