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Arc Release Notes (2019-04-01)

Arc Release Notes (2019-04-01)

In this Arc release, Arc Video Quizzing is available for all accounts. This functionality was originally announced in a beta state in the Arc Release Notes (2018-10-31)‌.

Arc is an online video platform that makes learning more impactful through active collaboration.  Learn more about Arc.

  New Features



Video Quizzing General Availability

Arc Video Quizzing is available for all accounts. Existing customers without video quizzing previously enabled need to contact their admin or Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Canvas and Arc Video Quizzes Grade Passback

Arc video quizzes can be added to a Canvas assignment, and quiz results are posted in the Canvas Gradebook. This feature allows instructors and students to view their grades associated with the video quiz submission.

Arc video quizzes can be added to a Canvas assignment as an External Tool assignment.

External Tool Submission Type

In the External Tool window, locate the media with the quiz.

Note: Grades cannot be posted in the Gradebook unless a quiz is selected from the Video Embed tab.

Select Video Quiz

In the Video Quiz Embed tab, select the quiz to include in the assignment.

Select Video Quiz Embed

Quiz Question Types

Available question types include true or false and multiple answer question types. These additional question types allow quiz authors to further customize their video quizzes.

Additional Question Types

To add a true or false question, click the True or False option and edit the question details.

True or False Question Type

To add a multiple answer question, click the Multiple Answer option and edit the question details.

Multiple Answer Question Type

Quiz Creation

Quiz authors can hide question markers on the timeline from students. This feature allows quiz authors to customize the quiz taking experience for students. Quiz authors can enable this feature by clicking the toggle button while creating or editing the quiz. Once the quiz is embedded, it cannot be edited.



Neat!  I'm not seeing a way for instructors to see how students answered an Arc quiz (what questions they answered correctly, what questions they answered incorrectly), not in the speedgrader, gradebook, or the assignment itself.   Am I just missing it or is is this still in development?


You can view quiz results for the entire quiz and individual quiz questions. Viewing individual user results is in development. Please visit the Arc Users Group for more information. 


Hi Alli,

THanks for the reply.  We are not seeing any results, entire quiz or otherwise.


Students taking the quiz are able to view their results immediately after taking the video quiz. To view the results as an instructor, there is a couple of hours delay to aggregate the results. Please let me know if that is the case or not. 



Will do... but that's not a conversation we are looking forward to repeatedly having with our instructors through time....

Can the ARC roadmap please be updated? Or, if  is not the correct link, can someone share where we should look to get the latest roadmap?


Thanks for your comment! You can visit the Arc Users Group‌ for the latest information about Arc. 

Thank you!


Thanks, Alli - I'd suggest taking down the ARC Roadmap page I linked to above if it's no longer going to be updated, or replacing what's there now with a reference to the Arc Users Group for the information. In the Arc Users Group, I didn't see information specifically on a timeline for the addition of more question types to ARC quizzing - am I missing something to see more detail?

We have redirected the outdated document to the Arc Users Group‌. The information you’re looking for isn’t currently on the roadmap, so we’d recommend you visit the Ideas space and see if someone has already submitted an idea regarding adding more question types to Arc Video Quizzing. Our product team always welcomes ideas to improve our product. 



Thank you, Alli. I will continue discussions over in the Ideas area, but I will say that my institution is currently piloting Arc, and during our decision process to pilot Arc we were told that the intention was for Arc to support all the features of Quizzes.Next, so I am a bit surprised to hear that more question types is not on the roadmap.

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