Arc is Now Canvas Studio, and Other Updates

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Community Team
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Hello, Community friends!

Last week we made a change in the Canvas Community to update all Arc references to Canvas Studio. Some of you have already seen this change. A more official announcement is being unveiled by our marketing team in a few weeks. Although we can't formally steal their thunder, we can share with you what's coming!

The biggest change centers around our product names, but functionality has not changed. In fact, reframing our products will help us benefit future functionality by providing a platform to grow on—most recently growing with our Portfolium and MasteryConnect acquisitions.

If you'd like a teaser, you're overly curious, or you want some official marketing material showcasing the up-and-coming world of Canvas, view the attached one-page PDFs for Canvas Studio and the Canvas learning platform.

Look for the marketing announcement coming soon on

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THE change Id like to see is Canvas accepting the common docs used in our online world.  i think its ridiculous a separate  program like Respondus has to be used to import a simple word text into Canvas.  It feels like they have worked really hard to create a new platform only to stop short of completion. 

 Instructors should be able to grab new and commonly used text to use for their classrooms!

Dr Bruce Victor