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Community Team
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Canvas X is where we seek your input on experiments from our secret pandaworks lab!

It's all about starting small, measuring, and learning our way forward!



We have been testing Nudge in the US and we are now excited to expand it to our first international region Asia-Pacific! Read below for info and how you can participate!


Nudge is a prototype service that helps students effectively manage their time and coursework. This service is the first step in a longer term smart messaging vision for Canvas. When enabled in a course, Nudge sends the following messages to students through Canvas:

  • Upcoming Assignments: An assignment is due in the next 24 hours and the student hasn’t turned it in yet. Prompt them to turn it in / finish.
  • Late Assignments: An assignment deadline has passed and the student has not turned it in. Prompt them to check if they can submit late.
  • Course Checking: The student has not checked the course for more than a week. Prompt them to visit the home page for any updates.
  • Weekly Report: Every week send students a list of assignments/quizzes that are due that week.


Because feedback and data are core to our development process, we are reaching out to the community for this pilot. The current version of Nudge is experimental and in early development; iteration is expected as the experiment progresses.


Any course that enables Nudge will provide us with insight into the effect of “nudging” different students in different ways. We also value feedback about the user experience and effectiveness of these reminders from your perspective as an instructor.

Your course may be a good fit for pilot if it fits the following criteria:

  • Blended or fully online courses
  • History of teaching the same course in prior semesters
  • Have a course beginning October/November 2018
  • Make use of multiple assignments throughout a course
  • English is the primary language of instruction
  • Multiple sections of the same course (nice to have, but not necessary)


Privacy Notice: Canvas is committed to keeping you and your student’s personal information private. All participants will be able to opt out at any time. Any and all use of the data from this experiment will be used to make Canvas a better product and not shared publicly without express prior consent.


Fill out the form here to sign up!


Have questions? Leave them below.

Community Member

Hi Renae, my school is in Africa, not Asia. We'd love to participate in Nudge. In fact, it was one of the features my instructors asked about during training that wasn't a feature in Canvas. I'm hoping somehow we can sign up for Nudge. Please let me know about the opportunities.


Hi Ariel! We are limiting Nudge to specific geographic regions to make sure we don't causes any difficulties for students. However, in January 2019 we will be running a final full pilot of Nudge that anyone can sign up for, regardless of where they are in the world. So check back end of the year, we would love to have you!

Learner II

Nudge‌ want to do this? I think this would be great with final assessments for this term!!! #callaghancollegewallsendcampus‌ Can we??? I want to - I was about to set up my year 10 assessment tasks - we could do this with them??? Please - pretty please!!! C'mon, you know you want to....don't make me use capital letters!

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Thanks, Greg! Where should I be looking to check back! This will be great.



I love the enthusiasm! If you end up wanting to try out Nudge, feel free to send me a message here or email us at

Learner II

Will do - thanks!!!!


Hi Renee,

Is it possible for students to turn off Nudge if they decide they do not want to participate or they find the notifications to be overwhelming?  Or once it is on, do all students in a course or across an institution receive Nudge notifications whether or not they have opted-in?

Thank you in advance,



Hi Simone,

Currently Nudge is set up to allow instructors to enroll their course in Nudge. So every student in those courses will get nudges. However, every nudge comes with an opt out option at the bottom that says "Reply STOP to stop receiving these messages". If the student replies stop, then they will stop receiving Nudges for that course. They may still receive nudges in other courses, of which they can also opt out of.

Hope this helps!


HI Greg,

Thank you very helpful!  I will check with our institution about whether it complies with FIPPA (in Canada). 

Previously we had a learning organization where students were enrolled and could opt out.  We were told that they had to be able to opt in.  Will check to see if this would be the case for Nudge.



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HI Deactivated user‌ is it too late to try this?

Community Member

HI Greg Romrell. Am I able to sign up for January?