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Enhanced Reporting by Classroom/Section is Coming to enCASE

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A long requested feature, the ability to view assessment data by classroom/section in the Assessment Analytics Reports, will be available in enCASE this summer!

While educators have the ability to view their data by teacher, they will soon be able to dig down a level deeper and view student assessment data within individual classrooms. After administering a benchmark or classroom assessment, educators can analyze student, standard, and item data by classroom/section and make targeted adjustments to their instruction. 

Data disaggregation by classroom is a critical component for educators to target instruction to individual students or groups of students within a classroom. Accordingly, we will be adding the ability to filter by class/section to each Assessment Analytics Report as it becomes available. Educators can already filter by class/section on the Standard Summary Report and the Student Response Report. Filtering by class/section will be available for all reports in summer of 2021!

Standard Summary Report.png