Highlights from CanvasCon Online

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Community Team
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By now you’ve probably noticed that the CanvasCon Online videos are available for on-demand viewing! We’re also excited about the news shared by the Instructure Product Team, which included several product overviews.

For Canvas LMS, the team highlighted the latest accessibility improvements, New Analytics Quick CSV Reports, and upcoming enhancements to Discussions! 

For Studio, the team provided a demonstration of the new User Collections feature.

And in last-minute breaking news, Mitch Benson outlined an expanded partnership with Microsoft to create a series of new and improved integrations. A few of the highlights are as follows: 

  • Microsoft Teams Meetings will be integrated and available as one of the default conferencing options for all Canvas customers: Instructure to Use Microsoft Teams as a Default Conferencing Tool in Canvas
  • The integration will be offered to Canvas users free, with unlimited usage.
  • Integration will be a fully immersive Teams Meetings experience with an improved integration experience, allowing users to create and schedule meetings, change meeting settings, and easily access meeting recordings within Canvas
  • The integration expansion will also include social learning and collaboration workflows with the integration of Canvas back into Teams and Teams back into Canvas. When educators want their students to work on assignments together, students are interacting with the Canvas content while the educator is controlling instruction and the flow of the meeting within Teams 
  • Expected Integration Go-live Date: Next school year in 2021

If you haven’t viewed the product keynote, check it out here: Instructure's Focus on Innovation

Keep an eye on the Instructure Roadmap for the latest updates on new and upcoming features.