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If you attended InstructureCon 2019, you heard us announce a new partnership with Unsplash, a leading community of photographers that supplies a large library of beautiful images. You may have even met some of the team or attended a presentation about the Unsplash platform. We’re excited to bring great content into Canvas through our integration with Unsplash.  


Why Unsplash?

Unsplash provides curated, high-resolution professional photographs for free. Curated images means safe searches! No more unsavory content showing up for you or your students. And with a library of over 1 million photographs, you’ll surely find something you can use to enhance your courses. 


Additionally, if you find an image that you love and want to see more from that photographer, you can easily click their name on the image thumbnail to visit their Unsplash profile. 


Where do I find Unsplash?

Right now, you’ll find Unsplash options in Canvas Commons and Canvas Course Card Images. Plus, if you’ve enabled the new RCE in beta, you’ll find it there in image options.


Watch for more information about the RCE being available in the production environment coming soon!

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Thank you for the update Deactivated user! I think this will be of huge value to our faculty. I would love to see it replace Flickr in the current RCE, so that we don't have to wait on Canvas for the new RCE roll-out in order to take advantage of these resources.

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