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More Than Words: Vocabulary Quizzes

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Closing out this month's National Poetry Month theme, we thought we'd conclude by highlighting vocabulary quizzes. What budding poet wouldn't want to take the time to learn more words, right?! Check out these shared K12 resources below.


More Than Words



Search the term 'vocabulary' and you'll discover many publicly-shared resources in Commons - from quizzes that increase topical understanding (i.e., Genetics quiz) to general language-building (i.e., English, Spanish quizzes). For K12 students, new words is just part of their on-going language development during these critical learning years.


We found suffix and prefix quizzes ("Vocab List #3 Suffixes" shared by Alexandra Kent, Penn Harris Madison Schools; "Prefix 'Bi' Vocabulary Quiz" shared by Kristina Swift, Lexington City Schools). Among some of the harder vocabulary quizzes was Hohl Aaron's "Vocab Quiz #14" which included words like 'opprobrium' (stumping even us)! And of course, the must-haves in poetic writing, the synonyms and antonyms quizzes (i.e., "Antonyms and Synonyms" shared by Lisa Rice, Jenks Public Schools).


Best part about importing these quizzes is the mixing-and-matching of a variety of questions!


Question Type Preferences


What's your preferred question type for vocabulary quizzes? Matching? Multiple-choice? Fill-in-the-blank? And why? Most of the quizzes we discovered were primary designed using multiple choice questions (although Amanda Shirk, Lexington City Schools, had a great matching example in her shared resource "Vocab Quiz 11"). Sure, a blend of different question types is ideal, but what tips can you provide in the design of vocabulary quizzes?


Post your thoughts in the comments below!


Want to import or download these resources from Commons?

Do a keyword search in Commons public: vocabulary, vocab, or any of the author names mentioned in this blog.

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Hi Biray Seitz,

Thanks for your great post!  The quizzes that are available on Canvas to use are really great!  I do have a quick question though, regarding how you are using Canvas Quizzes for vocabulary. We are a school that is 1:1 iPads and cannot use our iPads for vocabulary quizzes, due to the built-in dictionary function. For any student who does not know the definition they just need to press down on the word to have a full dictionary definition. I did just make a feature request to use Apple's new Automatic Assessment Configuration.  This would prevent the dictionary tool, auto-correct, predictive keyboards and keyboard shortcuts in our quizzes.  The idea will open up for voting on November 2.  Thanks!

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Very helpful article with some great resources. I'd like to recommend an app available on iOS app store. Its called Word Pash its free to play. This app makes learning vocabulary a breeze and is suitable for all ages. any feedback is greatly appreciated. here is a link.

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Great article. These games look like great resources. I'd like to recommend an app available on iOS store its called Word Pash. It's free to play and makes learning vocabulary a breeze. Ill share a link for anyone who is interested. any feedback is greatly appreciated. Word Pash on the App Store