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Powering Outcomes and Standards - Introducing Academic Benchmarks

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Have you ever wondered how your state’s standards get from a pdf (or doc or html) on a state Department of Education website into Outcomes in Canvas or MasteryConnect? No? Right, probably not. And that’s how we like it.  

Enter Academic Benchmarks (AB). I once heard AB compared to an electrical power grid. You don’t know (or really care) what the source of your electricity is, nor how it gets to your house, school, or favorite cafe. It works and you’re happy. It doesn’t and there’s definitely a disruption to your life. Whether it comes from natural gas or another fossil fuel, a nuclear power plant, a hydroelectric dam, or some other source, it’s converted into usable energy in the way that we need it.  


Image by Pexels from Pixabay                       


Likewise, in order to find their way into an EdTech platform or system, standards need to be converted from pdfs, docs, and webpages into a machine readable format.  The AB team monitors standards authorities for new documents and updates to old ones. We capture, enhance, and connect standards to make them usable in the EdTech world. 

Academic Benchmarks is the leading provider of curated and digitized learning standards. We are the “standard for standards”—the leading resource for usable, operational standards, which enable users to align their assets to national and state standards. The AB system applies a unique identifier and supplementary metadata to each standard, and tracks relationships between standards, allowing interoperability across products and platforms. In supporting the EdTech ecosystem, the AB delivery of standards reaches into 95% of American classrooms every day. Whew, that’s probably more than you ever wanted to know.

So just think of us as the “power” behind outcomes and standards.  You don’t need to worry about how to access your state standards—we will.