Tis the Season in Community: Act 2

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The Community Team returned this morning to find gluten free brownie crumbs left with a fun little note.  Those silly Canvas Product Pandas were busy!!




Dear Community


Thank you for your hospitality

And brownie generosity

We had tons of fun in the idea vault


Ideas old and new

We could only pick a few

and started with Post to SIS, set as default


Show percentages in gradebook with % symbol

kept our minds nimble

as we also built Hide Assignment Group Totals from Students


We searched ideas myriad

and chose Organize Assignment Page into Grading Periods

and Inactive enrollment status for withdrawn students (too)


Ability to change a users role

Wrapped up our gift as a whole

including the sneak peek with Broken / orphaned links report


Our giving is not quite complete

We have a few more up our sleeve

Watch the 1/25/16 Release notes to make our list replete!


....How's that for a start to the New Year?!


Find more information on these features (and others) in the Canvas Beta Release Notes (2015-12-28)

Canvas Product Pandas Act 1: Tis the Season in Community