Tis the Season in Community

Community Team
Community Team
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Last night, the Community Team was awakened by rustling sounds in their kitchen. Several Canvas Product Pandas from the Feature Ideas Factory had invaded their pantry for some holiday cookies. (Too bad the only thing they found was gluten-free brownies, but that’s beside the point.)


“Good grief, Canvas Product Pandas!” the CM Team gasped. “What are you guys doing here in the middle of the night?”


The Canvas Product Pandas mumbled-jumbled a few words under their breaths, then recited the following message:



We see passion and pride,

It’s community-wide.

And want to give thanks for your feedback.


Your comments, your insights,

Experiences and highlights,

These perspectives have kept us on track.


It’s clear, when we’re here,

The connections are dear,

Regardless from which school or town.


The community’s present,

Engaged and quite pleasant,

Regardless if they vote up or down. (wink)


We’ve listened and heard,

Considered each word,

We’ve read every idea you’ve pitched us.


We’ve analyzed and synthesized,

Compromised and prioritized,

Ideas that continue to enrich us. (and by ‘us’, we mean Canvas)


In response to your time,

(And listening to this bad rhyme)

We’re spending two weeks by the fire.


To work and sing cheers,

Dedicate engineers,

Who’ll develop ideas that were community-inspired.


And just like that… poof!… they went out the back door.


If we were you, we'd follow this blog or follow Canvas Release Notes and wait by the fire! Cuz the Canvas Community is about to get a giant present from product! What-What!


That is all.


Happy Holidays.