We Need Your Feedback: Participate in Discovery Conversations

Community Team
Community Team
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What if we told you that you have the chance to influence product direction—starting at the beginning of development? Our product team wants to hear more of your feedback more often, especially in projects that are in their discovery phase! 

Our Roadmap includes a section called Discovery Conversations. These conversations let you engage with the product team on projects and initiatives in the early stages of the software development process. 

Discovery Conversations Link in the RoadmapDiscovery Conversations Link in the Roadmap

These projects are posted with the
Canvas tl;dr Research label, which shows all blog posts that invite you to share your feedback. We’ve got a lot more of these posts coming—from both our product managers and directly from our designers!

Two posts are currently open to feedback and relate to our Assignment Enhancements project for students:

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Our teams are looking forward to hearing from you!


The fact that you guys have added confetti whenever you submit an assignment gives me so much pleasure I decided to find out how I could tell you. Seriously, it has completely changed the way I feel about submitting assignments. The relief that rushes over me when I see confetti and little pictures fall across the screen is one of the little things that makes life worth living.


What happened to voting?