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Make Student Data More Actionable by Setting Cut Points in Assessment Analytics

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enCASE provides a suite of reports within Assessment Analytics to help educators analyze student assessment data. But did you know that you can set cut points and performance levels on the Assessment Analytics Reports?

While viewing raw student scores can provide valuable information about how a student did on an assessment, setting cut points and grouping students into performance levels can enhance the picture of student understanding and provide additional information to help educators guide instruction and differentiate learning. This becomes increasingly important on the CASE Benchmark Assessments. Because the CASE Assessments are scaled, viewing student performance data in Assessment Analytics without set cut points can provide a misleading picture of student understanding. Accordingly, District Test Coordinators (DTCs) are encouraged to set the cut points for their district.

Beginning on Tuesday, October 5th, the cut points for newly administered CASE Benchmark Assessments will be available to DTCs in ShareFile. We encourage all DTCs to set the cut points for their district in enCASE, allowing for more meaningful and useful data. As always, teachers and School Administrators can also set the cut points for their classroom assessments.

To learn more about the setting cut points and performance levels, check out the help documentation and watch the video tutorial below.