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NEW enCASE Reporting Improvements

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Over the past several months, the enCASE team has been working on several exciting reporting features to ensure educators can easily access and analyze student data when returning back to school in the Fall. Filtering by classroom or section as well as several new user interface improvements in the Assessment Analytics Reports allows for easy access to disaggregated data, encouraging adjustment of instruction to meet student needs, and promoting student achievement.

Take a look at the new improvements that are now available:

  1. Each Assessment Analytics Report now has standardized school year, district, school, teacher, and classroom filters to facilitate viewing assessment data. *
  2. The Performance Levels Report, Standard Summary Report, By Item Report, By Standard Report, and Student Response Report now include a new Overall Performance section, noting the average percent correct, average number of items correct, number of students tested, number of items tested, and points possible for each group displayed on screen.
  3. The Performance Levels Report has been updated to include a horizontal bar graph, showcasing the number of students meeting each performance level. (Remember to set the cut points in the reporting module to view this report.)
  4. The Performance Levels Report can now be grouped by school, teacher, or class/section.
  5. Assessment Analytics Reports now default to displaying the standard set that was selected when an assessment was created.

In addition, the ability to filter and report by demographic subgroup, including, race and ethnicity, gender, IEP, and ELL is targeted for completion by the beginning of September. Look for more information coming soon! Leave a comment to share your thoughts and feedback on the new updates!

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The Testing Activity Report has not been updated with the ability to filter by class/section, as the report will be deprecated in August 2021. Please access the Testing Status Report for all testing status information.