New Quizzes: We're listening

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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

As we have been getting closer and closer to the time for Classic Quizzes sunset, we have heard many clear, articulate, and thoughtful voices talking about just how difficult this transition would be in the current climate where, to borrow a common refrain, teaching faculty are “barely able to keep their heads above water.”

We are currently exploring adjustments to the Classic Quizzes sunset that we hope will give you and your institutions more control over the transition. To help us with this effort, would you be willing to share your top three considerations or requirements for a smoother transition?

The content in this blog is over six months old, and the comments are closed. For the most recent product updates and discussions, you're encouraged to explore newer posts from Instructure's Product Managers.

Community Participant

The top three for me are;

  1. Ability to add NQ to commons or as part of a course export. We work with a network of schools and share course writing and materials. For the last two years we have been creating NQ from scratch as you cannot export band add to another instance of Canvas.
  2. Partial marks for matching question type. Matching questions have been extensively by staff at my school in CQ and now that we are moving to NQ the workload involved in manually having to grade these questions defeats the purpose of having a self marking quiz.
  3. The RCE in NQ needs to be the same as RCE in Canvas. I have found any questions that we migrate from CQ to NQ with embedded files from the course files do not come across. We have languages courses with quizzes and embedded audio files. Currently we have to manually add all these audio files back into NQ. I worked out for all courses that means we have 6000-7000 audio files to manually add and is work the teaching staff do not want to do when for them CQ works just fine.
Community Explorer

I echo some sentiments that it is hard to narrow down, as my institution supports over 500 individual courses and some 5,000 individual quizzes. We have to manage faculty and partner relationships as well as provide training and live course support. The sheer scope of our migration planning has been overwhelming, especially as the timeline and functionality have continually changed. We are waiting until the "drop-dead" moment that we can be sure the functionality is in its "final" state and our major blockers have been removed. 

  1. Accessibility - the current absence of a full RCE and HTML editor, the known issues with formulas, and an apparent issue with screen reader users needing an additional extension
  2. True parity - top known issues for us right now are:
    1. the absence of a text-only question type (stimulus requires questions to be attached)
    2. no Canvas course links - we have a large number of files to manage that are attached to quizzes, including documents and images
    3. no survey option (workarounds are clunky, especially for ungraded surveys since these will show in gradebook)
    4. no practice quiz option (somewhat clunky to have these items appear in gradebook)
    5. no quiz answer release dates (a great deal of our faculty utilize this feature)
  3. New Quizzes copying with course copy - we've heard this has been fixed but we have not been able to test yet. If this is not in place, we will be unable to operate as a company without making significant process changes that will drastically reduce efficiencies.
Community Participant

Top 5 Requirements for Ensign College include:

  1. NQs MUST support dynamic links.
  2. Blueprints MUST be able to Sync any edits to NQs.
  3. Question Banks MUST be more accessible to more users w/out jumping through hoops.
  4. No more clicking the breadcrumb for instructors to open or edit a New Quiz.
  5. When NQs are copied, imported, or exported each semester, please default to "Published".
Community Member

fill in the blanks doesn't present well at all in new quizzes. Also,  need to be able to add files in essay questions and the ability to 'mouse over text' is not available yet in new quizzes, not to mention the 'to do' list when new quizzes are submitted. Loved the classic quizzes, presented much better. 


Community Participant

1) The different interface is problematic and confusing. Why is the Return button on the top right, not left as in rest of Canvas? Or give the option to open NQ with Canvas menu on the left (and with full screen option). Why not use the same rich content editor (RCE) that appears in other Canvas pages? A different RCE is confusing for the users.

2) We need practice quiz functionality in New Quizzes. We need to use quizzes for formative reasons, without the confusion of having them mixed up with actual grades in the grade book. To Create an assignment worth 0 points and select option to exclude from final grade is not enough. Give us a ”Practice Quiz” option decluttering the grade book and not telling the student ”This assessment has unlimited attempts” but ”This practice quiz has unlimited attempts”. As teachers we also need to view/export all student responses to get formative analysis back.

3) Smooth and secure migration of all questions and banks from Classic have to function in good time before Classic sunset. This includes eg. functionality for import of banks, media in questions, fill in Multiple Blanks, flawless migration of LaTeX formulas.

Community Member

Thanks for listening to the community's concerns about Classic Quizzes --> New Quizzes!

At Uppsala University (UU) in Sweden, there are usually several teachers in the same course. This means that it must be easy to work with question banks, quizzes and grading the quizzes.

We think that the following requirements are necessary for the transition process:

((1)) Have a seamless integration between the New Quiz-LTI and Canvas core, so that the workflow becomes logical for the teachers.
a) the two places for settings today is confusing, i.e., "outer settings" (like other Canvas core tool settings) + "inner settings" (New Quiz LTI-tool settings).
b) when you are building your quiz, you should be able to see the course name and course menu.

((2)) Save ALL functionality of Classic Quizzes.
a) Practice quiz, i.e., quizzes which are NOT displayed in Grades.
b) Grade one question at a time (it is very common at UU that "teacher x" creates "questions 1-3" and also grades "questions 1-3", "teacher y" creates "question 4" and grade "question 4" etc.)
c) Link to Speedgrader directly from the quiz page.
d) Time setting for displaying students quiz.
e) The same RCE in ALL question types (for the questions and answers) for media, LaTex-formulas etc.
f) Quiz statistics.
g) Course is owner of the banks, you can bookmark banks to see them in other courses.

((3)) At migration: Save the content and let the "target course" be owner of the banks!
Ensure that no content is lost, changed or destroyed. We have experienced earlier that not all questions were migrated correctly. Even though some bugs were fixed, there is still uncertainty if all content is migrated correctly and if the correct teachers have access to it.

case 1: Today in Classic you can bookmark question banks in some courses (for example having bookmarked banks in course A and B) and use them in another course, here named course C. When you want to migrate a Classic quiz in course C and this quiz pulls questions from banks in course A and B and C. What happens after migration? Who will be the owner of the banks? Will all the banks from courses A, B, C come over to the course C?

case 2: What happens when you migrate (using copy/import, or a button) several times in the same course?
What will the naming of banks be? Will it be like “Algebra -1”, “Algebra -2” etc.
The course “English A 30 units” has

“Conversation 7.5 units” (with 1 teacher),
“Text reading 7.5 units” (with 2 teachers),
“Writing 7.5 units” (with 1 teacher), and
“Grammar 7.5 units” (with 2 teachers),

and one of the teachers is also the “main teacher” of “English A 30 units”.
This means that other teachers are teaching in different parts of the course.
Question: What happens when teacher in “Conversation 7.5 units” copies his/hers quizzes+banks to New in the course which will be giving the next semester and start changing questions in the New item banks AND later the “main teacher” thinks “Oh, I need to copy the course for next semester” and takes everything in the course. Will the quizzes and banks which belong to quizzes in “Conversation 7.5 units” be written over/destroyed, or what will happen?

Best wishes and Good Luck!

Eva Pärt Enander
Uppsala University

Community Novice
  1. Auto Grading – Categorization, Ordering, and Matching questions need a partial credit option not just all or nothing
  2. Categorization Questions need the ability to format the text and add media, or at least picture to the category type description
  3. Essay Question need the ability to place a rubric for grading and feedback.
  4. Under “Moderate” you need the ability to delete an attempt.
  5. Ability to be able to Speed Grade one question for all users instead of scrolling to grade those specific questions.
  6. Speed Grade Option added when you go to the edit quiz.
  7. Ability to download CSV reports for “Quiz and Item Analysis” and “Outcomes Analysis”
  8. Add a button or switch to enable or disable the quiz instead of having to modify “Until” dates or adding “passcodes”
Community Member

Everyone here has voiced valid concerns with New Quizzes and the need to resolve the primary concerns before "rolling out" a new tool. 

Our campus top 3 concerns are:

  • keep practice quizzes and anonymous, graded and ungraded surveys 
  • RCE needs to be similar to Classic quizzes: ability to record audio/video within an essay question, edit a question using the HTML editor, and an accessible math equation editor. 
  • Let instructors know when there is something to grade, for example a quiz with manually graded text replies.

It will also be important to resolve the issues around Quiz bank migration.


Community Participant

1. For those of us collecting institutional data, a smooth transition for preserving alignment of outcomes with question banks and the ability to lock item banks where needed, for institutional metrics. Course-based item banks could help.

2. Accessibility issues resolved

3. Fully developed RCE before Classic Quizzes end of life

4. A transition period, after full development of all features. As someone else noted, we do not have the capacity to train to a moving target.

Thank you so much for asking!

Community Member

1. There's no way to change an answer to a problem after the quiz has been completed by students without regrading all the problems. One by one. Manually.

Community Member

 If I make a change to a quiz after students have started it, the students will always see only the original, incorrect, version of the quiz, if they so much as looked at it before the change. That seems bizarre to me, and it does not seem fixable via Canvas automatic regrading.

Community Member

Printing quizzes to PDF doesn’t work. Going to preview mode and hitting print only prints one page. Seth C J at support says that’s being looked into by engineering.

Community Member

If I add a question, I must go back and change the total quiz points.

A Canvas tech support person this spring suggested to me (actual quote) "You could either manually update the grades or ask the students to retake it ." (I didn't.)

Community Member

Copying problems from one quiz to another is an involved task. Edit each problem. Save to an “item bank”. Then import them one by one into the new quiz. Yes, one-by-one.

Community Member

Thank you for asking for feedback. I hope it will be carefully considered.

1.  Please keep Classic Quizzes. If nothing else, allow already created Classic quizzes able to be used in courses even if new quizzes cannot be created in that format.

2. In New Quizzes, please make those show up as ungraded and don't enter a grade for students until text entry responses are graded by the instructor. It is horribly difficult to figure out whose still need graded the way it is set up now, and students would rather see the dash than the 0 until the grading is done.

3.  If Classic quizzes can't be used after the migration, please make them automatically convert. For those of us who have several years of quizzes and assignments set up in that format, it will be tremendously labor intensive to individually convert each one.

Community Explorer


You wrote:

"Printing quizzes to PDF doesn’t work. Going to preview mode and hitting print only prints one page. Seth C J at support says that’s being looked into by engineering."

I was working on this issue for an instructor and found that printing to PDF worked if the Build > Setting > One question at a time option was disabled. When the option is enabled, only one question prints. If you want the option enabled for students, it needs to be reset to enabled after the quiz has printed to PDF. 

A couple of things I experienced, which you may not:

  • This worked pretty consistently in Firefox, but I had intermittent issues when using Chrome or Edge. In Chrome and Edge, sometimes only one page would preview even with the setting change. Other times, it worked. I don't know if this was just me being tired due to testing or if there really is a consistency problem.
  • In my printer list, I have Save as PDF... and Adobe PDF "printers." The Save as PDF option worked best for me. The Adobe PDF printer driver seemed to add multiple transparent "image" or "graphic" layers to the file. The outlines appeared when I clicked in the area but were otherwise not visible on screen. If your only goal is to create a file to save for printing hardcopies, this may not make a difference to you.
Community Participant

Thank you for the opportunity to share. Our three biggest deal breakers are:

  1. The 24 hr delay for reports/results data [related idea conversation]
  2. Not having a partial credit option for relevant questions (i.e. matching, multiple answer, sorting) [related idea conversation 1, idea conversation 2]
  3. RCE matching the rest of Canvas/Classic Quizzes, including the equation editor functions, which are currently more limited [related idea conversation 1, idea conversation 2]

Honorable mentions include:

It's really important that these items be addressed before we can feasibly prepare for and implement the transition to New Quizzes completely.

Community Member

Allow Instructional Designers to create, edit, and delete New Quizzes.

Community Participant
  1. New Quizzes does not reflect the course and account permissions accurately.  Any custom roles based on the TA and Teacher roles can edit New Quizzes regardless of the permissions selected for the roles.  This can potentially lead to many people who should not have access to the quiz to edit it, grab answer keys, add extended time or retakes or other activities they should not be able to.  This NEEDS to be corrected before we can even begin to consider deployment.
  2. New RCE and other feature parity.  The New RCE needs to be deployed and fully integrated into New Quizzes.  Other features that need to be included are the ability to assign partial credit, clear notifications/indicators for teachers when they need to manually grade questions, surveys and practice quizzes.
  3. Migration needs to be fully developed and functional.  We cannot deploy with the myriad of issue the migration tool has such as the item bank/question bank issue, not carrying over embedded content from the Files tool and others.
Community Novice

Thank you for the opportunity.  

1) When using SpeedGrader, Please put the orange dot again to notify if a test has not been graded and a check mark when it has been graded.  As it is now, the teacher has no idea if a test has been graded or not because it puts a checkmark next to the students name when they are finished.  In math class, there are some numeric answers that Canvas can't automatically grade and the teacher needs to manually grade it.  without the dot by the students name(as in the old quiz format) then the teacher is playing a guessing game.   Not good for students...

2)You cannot give partial credit to matching... this is not good for students who deserve it... 

Please fix asap.


Community Novice

I'm not nearly as tech savvy as previous posters and don't have all the tech lingo like a lot of others who have participated on this blog. Reading some of the other comments, I was hesitant to comment, but I think you need to hear from teachers like me who are really struggling with this because we aren't as tech savvy as others and forcing this roll out in this condition during this crazy year borders on cruel and unusual punishment.


1. Issues with how Respondus Lockdown and Quizzes work together. If my students can't easily and securely access Quizzes, I won't be using it. I'd rather go back to paper and pencil than to have to use Quizzes with Lockdown as it now stands.

2. Partial credit options so I do not have to go back and hand grade 100+ quizzes.

3. Essay completion notification.


These are my top 3, but my list of what needs to be fixed before implementation is much longer. Quizzes seems as if it has a lot of bugs that still need to be worked out; its current version is inferior to the classic quiz. It's not ready. Don't force us to use it. 

Community Participant

Here are our top 3 big picture priorities (described in more detail here).

1. 12 months transition time (ending in summer) AFTER New Quizzes has all major milestones/features in place and the design is mostly stable before enforcement is implemented.

2. All necessary features that existed in Classic Quizzes are present in New Quizzes (e.g., New RCE, download of student analysis, etc). There is not much to prune here, to use the Zen Garden metaphor. Unless you can demonstrate that a feature is not used and not needed by teachers, it needs to be there before you can expect instructors to use this new tool. Stop chanting 'Innovation doesn't mean parity' and actually think about what your users need, which are the features they have been using.

3. The many wonky user experience and workflow issues related to New Quizzes being an LTI need to be worked out so it doesn't impact instructors or students. It was Instructure's decision to build this tool as an LTI. Don't use that as an excuse for a bad user experience. Make it work!

Community Contributor

It would be BOLD for Instructure to come out and say, you know... we learned a heck of a lot about the limitations of LTI tools - after all we tried to build a quiz engine as an LTI tool. A much easier conversation to have... what things do we like about new quizzes that could be brought over to classic quizzes. Honestly, that would probably have way less technical debt than this conversation of classic to new.

Reading through all these comments, I don't see a single thing I disagree with. Why is Instructure so insistent that the path forward is New Quizzes? 4.5 years later and there is still so, so, so much to do... the decision to dig your heels in is keeping you all from innovating in other areas of the product.

What value does Instructure gain by moving quizzing out of the core besides some ability to change a pricing model (could have done that with a on/off toggle on the back end).

Five years ago when this was introduced, there was big talk about 'a la carte' educational app 'modular' thinking in the LMS space. Don't like your current quiz tool in your current LMS? Use ours! That talk has died down a lot.

The fundamental change of how banks work between the two platforms is mind boggling.

If Instructure is really treating this as a listening activity... I don't think anyone would be upset if NQ was completely abandoned and used as a lesson's learned activity.

Even 4.5 years in, it is not too late to cut your losses, do an about face, and re-group.

Guiding question: Are the current "enhancements" in NQ worth all this technical debt?

Community Participant


since it is a requirement for archiving in Sweden to save the students results for at least 2 years, it is a must to be able to download and save the students' results on a New Quiz - as in a classic quiz where you can do a student analysis.

Today it is only possible to print and download one student at a time.


Best regards Ingela, Gävle

Community Participant

jwadec's comment  suggesting abandoning New Quizzes altogether is a bit of a ramble and may sound crazy, but I wonder if he is onto something.

It sounds like many of the challenges in implementing New Quizzes come from implementing them as an LTI.  Is it best to cut the losses and return to developing Classic Quizzes?

Consider my top three, a revision of cdoherty's:

1. 12 months transition time (ending in summer) after new quizzes has all essential features in place and is accepted by the majority of the community. (And the list of essential features is long!)

2. All essential features from Classic Quizzes reimplemented in New Quizzes

3. All bugs originating from building New Quizzes as an LTI mitigated.

Perhaps abandoning New Quizzes is the best path forward.  It's a major loss, but who will miss them?


P.S. I appreciate the opening of an intentional "listening" post.  It will inevitably lead to challenging discussion such as this, and any company willing to engage its community in an open yet challenging discussion earns my respect.

Community Novice

1) Notify me in my "To Do" list when I have new quizzes that need to be graded. 

2) Fix the grading of question types like matching, categorization, and ordering. Currently, if a student gets 1 wrong, it marks the entire question as a zero, when the kids likely have earned at least partial credit by getting some of the items matched correctly. I don't know of a single person who would mark an entire matching section as a zero if 1 of them were incorrect. Now I need to go back and manually grade EVERY SINGLE student because of this. Technology is supposed to save me time here.

3) Speedgrader access is located in the weirdest, most difficult to find location. PLEASE make this accessible.


These reasons are why I have avoided using new quizzes. Regular quizzes works so much better, even though new quizzes have great question types. I will not use the new question types if they don't work though!

Community Participant

@jwadec - I don't think scrapping it would be a good option, either. Our university is moving forward with a 12 month New Quizzes transition plan (starting next week). We honestly cannot continue to wait for Instructure to make a decision - we don't have unlimited time and resources. If we don't start now, we risk not making the cut-off, which would have horrible consequences for our ability to operate our online learning programs, at scale. How are they going to to tell people to switch back ? They cannot possibly make a decision to scrap something, after spending 4 years pushing people to use it. If we get 6 months into this transition and are told to switch back, that will also not elicit a pleasant reaction from the Instructure community. 

Community Participant

Thank you for this opportunity and look forward to the upcoming webinar.  Three questions/requests: 

1.  Consider removing older or dated information on New Quizzes posts etc., as there has been many changes to information, timelines, feature status.  When engaging in a search older/dated content can confuse, rather than clarify.  

2.  Present timeline is written from more of an administrator, rather than faculty perspective.  Can a hotlink to the most current timeline be provided in the New Quizzes Transition Toolkit  (Kudo's here!). 

3.  It would be of great help if there was a free faculty-friendly, targeted "how to" instructional video on conversion to New Quizzes, what constitutes a "quiz."

Community Explorer

We are in the process of migrating from Blackboard to Canvas. Our faculty have been pleased with just about everything in Canvas except for the quiz tool functionality. Both classic and new quizzes in Canvas are not as robust as the Blackboard testing tool and there are many missing features that faculty have been requesting. Below are some of those things:

  • The turnaround time for analytics to be generated for new quizzes is slow. It usually takes until the next day. Our faculty are used to checking analytics immediately after a class of students finishes a quiz.
  • Student feedback options are missing: 
    • There is no ability to only show students the questions they got incorrect. 
    • There are no time limits for feedback results.
    • No "only show feedback in LockDown Browser" option
  • No ability for faculty to grade one question at a time. For example, let's say a quiz is comprised of 5 essay questions. Instead of grading each attempt student by student (which will show all 5 questions on a single page), faculty prefer a grading flow where they grade essay question 1 for all students, then grade essay question 2, etc.
  • No "jump to question" feature. If there is a single essay question in a quiz and it's question number 100, the faculty grading the quiz has to scroll all the way to the bottom for each student attempt. This is time consuming.
  • No indication in the grade center that the quiz is in progress. Blackboard would show an icon in the grade center for students who started the quiz but hadn't yet submitted it.
Community Member

One piece of feedback we received recently from a teacher in our district: 

Currently, in order to grade an open ended question in a “new quiz” a teacher must open each student results page, scroll to the question, and then grade the question.  It would be nice if these questions could be accessed with the ‘speed grader” tool on a computer or the teacher grading iOS app and allow teachers to provide feedback/grade those questions utilizing those tools without the burdensome of accessing each student results page and scrolling involved in the current system.

Community Participant

Here is what I'm hearing from instructors at my institution in terms of issues they have with the current Classic Quiz sunset schedule:

#1: Item Banks: Teachers do not like that the years worth of question banks created in Classic Quizzes cannot be easily transferred over to New Quizzes.  In addition, the item banks do not associate with individual courses which cause confusion and workflow issues.  We would like to see Canvas offer better services around migrating question banks.

#2 FULL RCE Functions: I've heard a lot of complaints from instructors that the current RCE limits functionality compared to the RCE they are used to in other parts of Canvas.  A specific example of this is the ability for students to quickly add in media recordings or audio recordings.

#3 Partial-Credit Grading: The other issue I hear frequently about the transition from Classic to New Quizzes is the inability of New Quizzes to give partial credit for question types such as matching.  This question type is used frequently among our instructors and having to manually assign points to each individual student slows workflow considerably.

My instructors are not resistant to the change and enjoy many of the features in New Quizzes.  However, we feel there are core elements that need to be addressed before student access to Classic Quizzes is cut off.

Community Champion

I don't use New Quizzes, but I have played around with it some.

I will trust all the other points - and I can definitely see the value in them.

My one noticeable issue is the lack of a bulk download of student submissions for a file upload question or questions.  That is one feature that I use a lot for my courses, so not having it would be a pain.


Community Member

Hi Canvas!

Thanks for listening.

My district has had repeated and ongoing frustrations with New Quizzes and has been actively advising teachers to not use it because the engineers have been unable to address our concerns. We have ongoing open support tickets that have no modicum of resolution in sight. We would push for the following features to be supported before a transition should even be considered.

1. Ability to share/copy quizzes to other courses with questions in them (at present, quizzes are not able to be shared/copied with questions intact; we have an ongoing ticket with support without resolution).
2. Ability to share item banks (we are unable to currently share item banks due to the fact that no users will populate when you start typing names, logins, etc., resulting in a spinning wheel of death; we also have an ongoing ticket in for this question with no resolution).
3. Having a seamless migration from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes supported by Instructure (since the functionality of New Quizzes is not presently there, we are unable to use the New Quizzes feature; our teachers need to be able to expect that, when the sunset occurs, they will be able to use past resources INCLUDING ITEM BANKS without having to recreate them all).

Thank you again for your consideration. We are eager to recommend this product when it functions appropriately!

Community Explorer

I agree Cassiopeia!  In addition to the things that do not work in New Quizzes and need to fixed, it would be nice if the:

  1. Workflow were improved to better build, save, and navigate New Quizzes with some confidence.
  2. RCE could do everything the RCE in the rest of Canvas can do... (LTI or not, we have become accustomed to certain tools within the RCE and expect that we can do the same in New Quizzes... we can in Classic Quizzes).
  3. Canvas consider scrapping the project because of too many shortfalls.
Community Member

1. When grading short answers, teachers are not notified that quizzes still need to be manually graded. When looking at speed grader, there is a green checkmark showing all have been grader when they haven't.  

2. When looking at scores,  you have to click on "attempt" to see what they got.  It only shows percentages.  Plus, you can't go from student to student.  you have to click back and forth just to find scores! 

3. When getting scores, partial credit for an answer is imperative. New quizzes don't give partial credit for matching.  The old version gives partial credit. 

4. EVERY new addition is more cumbersome and makes grading difficult for teachers. 


Community Novice

1. Partial credit is no longer given for matching which will eliminate this question format as an option for teachers. 

2. Every single new addition to quizzes is making quiz-building and grading more difficult and time consuming for teachers.  

3. The reports don't show up right away like they did before.   

Community Novice
  1. When grading short responses, teachers are not notified that quizzes still need to be manually graded.  When looking at SpeedGrader all quizzes have a green checkmark so they appear to be graded when they are actually not.  This makes it difficult for teachers to determine what quizzes still need to be graded. It also makes it easy for teachers to miss a student's quiz that still needs to be graded, resulting in inaccurate quiz scores.
  2. Partial credit is not given to certain question types, such as matching.  This creates more work for teachers.  For example, if a student gets 2 out of 4 matches correct, they should be given a 2/4, not a 0/4.  Partial credit was awarded in Classic Quizzes.
  3. Quiz reports do not generate in a timely manner.  This makes it difficult for teachers to quickly see class results on assessments.
  4. Overall, New Quizzes is cumbersome, from building the quiz to grading the quiz.  Navigation is not easy or efficient.
Community Novice

1. When grading short response, teachers are not notified that quizzes still need to be manually graded.  When looking at Speedgrader, all quizzes have a green check mark so that they appear to have been graded even when they have not been.

2. Certain question types (such as matching) do not automatically award partial credit.  This is frustrating because the old version gave partial credit, and with this new version, it creates more work to grade.

3. When looking at scores, it just gives the percentage.  You have to go into the attempts to see the actual points scored.

4.  SO. MANY. CLICKS. This whole new version is way too cumbersome.  

Community Novice

* Grading in new quizzes we are not able to get to the speed grader without many clicks.  There no way to tell which students' work has been graded, so we have to go through all students.

* No notification of submitted/ungraded assignments on Canvas home page.

*  So many clicks for grading of any open ended questions.

* No partial credit for matching.

* No highlighting ability in questions.

* Grades appear in percentages as default, not points.  We need to be able to see points.

* Need ability to go from student to student to grade.

* Buttons are unclear--build, rocket, return....why can it not be "save", "cancel", "edit", "preview" like the original?

THIS IS GOING BACKWARDS!  If there are ways to change these, they should be done.  There should not be extra steps for teachers to set up these selections.


Community Novice

1. When grading the short response, teachers are not notified that quizzes still need to be manually graded. In SpeedGrader, all quizzes appear graded with a green checkmark, so they appear to have been completed/graded...this is a HUGE issue for teachers! Then, you have to go through EACH individual student to find out who has/has not taken it!

2.  No partial points for certain question types, so teachers are then made to go through each student/question to award appropriate questions. So. Many. Clicks.  Too much work and it's very time-consuming for teachers. 

3.  Overall, there are just too many clicks for teachers to make to build, edit, grade in general.  Needs to be simplified to help save teachers TIME in using the platform!

Community Novice
  1. When grading the short response, teachers arenot notified that quizzes still need to be manually graded. When looking at Speedgrader, all quizzes have a green checkmark, so that they appear to have been completed/graded. This is a HUGE issue for teachers 
  2. No partial points for matching and other question types -- this is a frustating feature, since we are accustomed to this feature and this new version makes more work for teachers. 
  3. Many clicks for grading. The grade only shows as a percentage, not as a point score. In order to see the points earned it takes many clicks, much more time... this is very frustrating for teachers. It takes much more time than the older versions. I feel like we are going backwards, not forward. CLASSIC QUIZZES IS MUCH MORE TEACHER FRIENDLY
  4. No notice when new quizzes need to be graded? This is a vital component for teachers
  5. When in the lockdown browser, if a student has an IEP, those students cannot use matching???????
  6. The overall report of student assessment is very cumbersome. We are unable to access our "class at a glance" in speedgrader quickly. It is almost impossible to find? .... this was a HUGELY IMPORTANT part of classic quizzes. It allowed us to grade quickly, access student scores quickly, etc. This needs to be much more intuitive and easy.
  7. When creating a question, we are no longer able to highlight a word to accent that word?
  8. I understand this is a new feature, and more slick in design. However, please bring back the vital features for teachers which include:
    1. An easily accessible speedgrader... EASILY accessible like in CLASSIC QUIZZES. TEACHER FRIENDLY!
    2. Point totals for quizzes easily seen
    3. Partial points available for all question types
    4. IEP students should be able to answer all questions in lockdown browser
Community Novice

1. When grading short response, teachers are not notified that quizzes still need to be manually graded. When looking at Speedgrader, all quizzes have a green check mark so that they appear to have been graded even when they have not been. Accessing Speedgrader is to many steps and was more user friendly the old way.

2. Certain question types (such as matching) do not automatically award partial credit. This is frustrating because the old version gave partial credit, and with this new version, it creates more work to grade.

3. When looking at scores, it just gives the percentage. You have to go into the attempts to see the actual points scored.

4. SO. MANY. CLICKS. This whole new version is way too cumbersome.  Why so many steps?


Community Explorer

Hi Canvas team,

Thanks very much for this opportunity to comment! 

  1. Please harmonize the RCE ASAP. The differences are enough to cause confusion for instructors who have low to middling Canvas skills, and the missing features are problematic (no iframe embeds? no accessibility checker?).
  2. Echoing concerns expressed in this thread--why have an inaccessible quiz question type (hot spot) with no meaningful flagging or education for instructors? The fact that it's inaccessible isn't mentioned in the user guide or the quiz creator.
  3. Please do not force the visibility of NQ in the middle of the semester/school year. Instructors need the summer to figure this out (and trainers/technologists need time after NQ is no longer changing to develop support resources). 
  4. The migration situation (individual vs batch, what happens with Blueprints, etc) is confusing at this point and seems to be in flux on Canvas's end. 

The timeline is moving very quickly considering the state of NQ and the available resources. Has any consideration been given to adjusting it?

Community Explorer

We have been using new quizzes and generally love it... save for 1 major thing... 

On multiple-answer-type questions, the partial credit with penalty setting is waaaaay too overly punitive.

I'd love to provide you with some more insight on how other LMS platforms do partial credit scoring as a mean to provide an alternate grading algorithm for this setting that are more palatable to students and instructors alike.

Community Explorer

Partial credit scoring for matching-type questions is an essential edit that New Quizzes needs.

Community Participant

1. Question Banks/Item Banks.  There MUST be a way to get current question banks over to item banks, especially if a quiz is using a question bank and then is migrated over to new quizzes, you just end up with a blank quiz.

2. The Student Learning Mastery Gradebook need to be working with NQ. So many of our faculty use this feature and to take it away with a new tool seem counterproductive.

3. Extend the timeline to allow for training. Both tools should be working in tandem to allow for easy comparison and to give institutions time to migrate and redo quizzes when there are still so many glitches.  

Community Novice

1. Easier/Bulk Migration of Classic to New Quizzes before the CQ Sunset.

2. We need something to replace the Survey function of Classic Quizzes before CQ goes away.

Community Participant

Thanks for listening to the community of users. 

#1. We must have seamless bulk migration from Classic Quizzes/Question Banks to New Quizzes/Item Banks (including all the images, videos, and audio that are in almost all our Question Banks).  Most of our quizzes come from question banks and our instructors do not have the time to recreate every quiz or Item Bank for every course they are responsible for building.  They rely heavily on question banks from publishers, and I haven’t heard whether the publishers will be able to provide Item Banks.  The Item Banks also need to be attached to the course.  Images, media files, etc. need to be attached to the course.  At our institution, we have model shells that we build/edit each semester and then copy over to the live semester classes.  Seamless copy is a must for us to operate.

#2. Speedgrader integration is also crucial.  Instructors will need to have notifications that questions need to be graded, not be automatically graded as zero.  Students should not see partially scored quiz grades.  A fully working RCE is crucial plus seamless migration from a quiz to New Quizzes since external tools, images, videos, and audio media are needed for many tests year after year.  Our institution uses practice quizzes and surveys and will need those options. 

#3. Another crucial component is other LTI tools working with New Quizzes.  We use several third party softwares in conjunction with Classic Quizzes for proctored testing (scheduling/password repository for our 15-college consortium (SmarterProctor) and remote proctoring (ProctorU and Honorlock)) that are not functional with New Quizzes. 

Community Participant

Here's our top 3:

  1. Partial credit for all question types, equivalent to the current way partial credit is calculated in Classic Quizzes. Our faculty are going to be confused when a quiz they've been using for years suddenly calculates scores differently when moved into New Quizzes.
  2. There needs to be an indication in the Gradebook, SpeedGrader, and To Do List that grading is still required by the teacher. Our faculty rely on these nudges to know that something still requires action and grades aren't yet complete.
  3. Improved data turnaround time and better data exports. As admins, we frequently need to troubleshoot issues with student submissions, and not having that data instantly available is unacceptable to our students and faculty.
Community Participant

Thank you for asking for user's input.

  1. Having the version to test that will also be final version, that faculty see.
    • The interface of new quizzes is quite different, so having 1-year for faculty to test it out and familiarize before enforcing would be great.
  2. A way to download or export results as CSV by faculty and course staff. 
  3. Surveys.