Tell us about Assessments & Trackers!

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Our product process starts in discovery, where we as a team work with stakeholders like you, our fabulous designers, and our engineering team to collaboratively find a solution that meets the needs of our customers. 

We have heard from users that it can be challenging to locate an assessment in the Tracker, and we agree that it can be difficult to locate a single standard assessment that is nested within a standard, or a benchmark assessment that is filtered out of the Tracker view.  

In order to explore solutions that would work for you, we invite you to take a 5 minute survey. This survey will give us insights into how you view assessments, what assessment content you are choosing to use in your classroom, and what improvements would streamline your day to day use of the Tracker.

As always, thank you for taking the time to make MC even better! 



Community Champion

It appears that the permissions on the form are not set to allow us to fill it out.


So sorry about that! You should be able to access the form now. 

Community Member

It would have been useful to have places where we could add comments to clarify why we rated some of the features really low. For example, I would have added that the current design makes it impossible to collaborate with a team when writing assessments. I would have also added that navigation and discovery is impossible with item banks like Certica Navigate and that we need to be able to use item banks with custom learning goals. 

Honestly, I would have rated most features lower if I would have known that there would be no place to explain why. 

Community Explorer

I agree with JLDM, not being able to edit questions on purchased item banks is frustrating, as well as not being able to print assessments for teachers. We are discovering more and more challenges the deeper we dive.