The tl;dr Canvas Podcast Episode 7 - June 2020

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Episode 7



Listen to Episode 7.



A broadcast-worthy declaration about course notifications, the Canvas Elementary Theme for elementary students, Modules functionality updates, Studio's new Collections functionality, and events updates. 


Time Stamps:

  • [00:25] Introduction
  • [01:03] Course Notifications—Davis Hyer
  • [1:42] Canvas Elementary Theme and Modules Updates—Jody Sailor, Augusto Callejas
  • [22:04] Studio Collections—Jeff Johnson
  • [28:10] Events Updates
  • [31:21] Wrapup



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Matt Goodwin Ryan Lufkin Jenn Mitchell



  • Share insights about upcoming Canvas features and other improvements
  • Discuss internal thoughts about the product process
  • Explain the why of a product's development and benefit to customers



Podcasts are published the Wednesday following the Canvas release, but are subject to change. For a release calendar, please see Canvas Release Calendar Overview.



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