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Admin Self-Paced Canvas Courses and Resources

Admin Self-Paced Canvas Courses and Resources

236341_Courses-26 (1).png  We know a lot of you prefer to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. Our goal is to provide you with self paced resources that will assist you in learning the Admin side of Canvas.

236362_Circled 1  C-26.png Beginner 236369_-Circled 2 C-26.png Advanced


Canvas Admin Tour 236342_Circled 1  C-26.png

The Canvas Admin Tour is a self-paced video course designed to help beginning Canvas Admins learn Canvas. The total viewing time for all videos is less than 45 minutes and videos can be viewed in any order. You will learn best practices for setting up your institution account with courses, terms and users; create shared resources with outcomes, rubrics and question banks; solve issues with various Admin Tools and pull reports and statistics.

Introduction to Analytics with Canvas 236360_Circled 1  C-26.png

This Canvas Network course guides higher ed faculty, staff, and administrators through the creation of their own learning analytics plan. This course discusses appropriate use of learning analytics and its limitations. Seth Gurell & Sam Gedeborg @ Utah Valley University  

K-12 Policy: Data Privacy? Get Schooled 236360_Circled 1  C-26.png

Data is essential for improving outcomes for students. In order to create a culture of trust that enables effective data use, policymakers and education professionals must ensure that the public has confidences that state and local leaders act to protect student data privacy. This self-paced course will discuss the value data brings to improve education, offer recommendations for addressing privacy concerns while promoting effective data use, and explore lessons learned from existing and emerging policies in education and other sectors.

Meet the Canvas PartnersPartnerships 236360_Circled 1  C-26.png

Canvas partners with over 100 different vendors to offer easy integrations via LTIs. Check out this resource page to find information on all our vendor partnerships, searchable by integration levels and category. Follow the page to our EduApp Center too and explore the many products that can be installed by Canvas Admins on the institution level!

Canvancements 236361_-Circled 2 C-26.png

Check out this comprehensive list of Canvas Enhancements, where Admins can glean all kinds of tips & tricks about how to trick out their institution account. These resources were collected by super-user James Jones. Keep them coming James!


LMS Migration Strategies GroupLMS Migration Strategies 236361_-Circled 2 C-26.png

Our Canvas Community promotes collaboration and sharing of resources in many ways. Check out this group for great resources, discussions and advice for Admins!

**Canvas Admin Orientation 236342_Circled 1  C-26.png

A Canvas Commons resource offered by the Canvas Community team. This course is self-paced and designed to familiarize Canvas Admins with the need-to-know settings and features of Canvas. There are five modules consisting of 18 short lessons and will take approximately two and a half hours to complete. To access this resources navigate to Canvas Commons, search for "Self Paced: Admin Orientation" and and import the resource into your account. Look for the pink course card. 


**Essentials for Admins 236344_Circled 1  C-26.png

Join a Camp KumbayAwesome experience for Admins. This Commons course was presented as a full-day workshop at Instructurecon 2016! So grab your compass and lace up your hiking boots! You’ll hike the back trails while learning the Admin side of Canvas and play a few games along the way! To access this resources navigate to Canvas Commons, search for "Self Paced: Essentials for Admins" and import the resource into your account. Look for the pink course card. 


**Canvas Support Orientation 236360_Circled 1  C-26.png

This self-paced Canvas Support Orientation Commons course is designed to familiarize Canvas administrators and their support teams with the need-to-know resources and tools in order to effectively support and troubleshoot basic Canvas issues within their organization. To access this resources navigate to Canvas Commons, search for "Self Paced: Canvas Support Orientation" and and import the resource into your account. Look for the pink course card. 

**Click here to learn how to import courses into your Canvas account.

               Disclaimer: The listed resources have been shared publicly in our Canvas Community or in Commons. Sometimes Canvas evolves faster than the resources do, explore and find those that fit your needs!

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Links are missing for several of these resources.

Hi Tracey, the resources that you are trying to access do not have a link associated with them. They will need to be imported into your course using Canvas Commons. The instructions on how to access each resource is in the description. I'll add the guide here too. How do I use Commons?  Hopefully that helps. 

Thank you for revising the page to make that clearer.

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