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Admin Self-Paced Video Resources

Admin Self-Paced Video Resources

236333_Video File-26 (1).png  We know a lot of you prefer to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. Our goal is to provide you with several video resources that will assist you in learning the Admin side of Canvas.

 236338_Circled 1  C-26.png Beginner  236339_-Circled 2 C-26.png Advanced 

FastTrack: Canvas Admin Series

Basics Series

Ready to get up and running with Canvas? We’ve got some great resources to help you out. Short on time? Check out The Fast Track Canvas Admin Video Series where you can watch quick 3-minute videos on specific tools and features in Canvas. Prefer to take a full tour of Admin functions in Canvas class-style? The Canvas Admin Tour is for you with a menu of just-in-time learning opportunities!

  • Fast Track: Canvas Admin Series 236338_Circled 1  C-26.png 
    • The "FastTrack: Canvas Admin Video Series" is a compilation of videos shared to the Canvas Community. Each video is less than 3 minutes and covers a specific Canvas Admin tool or functionality. The series is designed to continue to help with driving adoption and engagement of all the features.

Account Structure Series

Setting up your institution’s account for optimal performance and management is key to a successful implementation. Our Account Structure video series will showcase the how’to’s and how-did’s, from Admins at all levels as they share their pro-tips and lessons learned.

  • Building a Seamless Integration Experience 236338_Circled 1  C-26.png 
    • This session will address best practices for designing an effective course in Canvas by managing the three vital areas of LMS integration: users, content, and data. InstCon 16 presentation by Marvin Puckerine @ Pearson Integration
  • Cross-listing, De-crosslisting, Re-crosslisting, Oh My! 236338_Circled 1  C-26.png 
    • Confused on the cross-listing functionality in Canvas? Canvas User Tracey DeLillo breaks it down with a 30 minute video shared to the Canvas Community. Aren’t our users great?
  • ProTips: Next Level Administration and Deployment 236394_-Circled 2 C-26.png
    • Go beyond the early adopters. To be successful, school divisions must continue to identify and promote the value and opportunities Canvas can provide students, parents, teachers, and administrators beyond the surface. Entering our fourth year of Canvas usage, CCS will share the pro tips we have gleaned from our users.

Coding Series

Are you a coder at heart and want to really trick out your Canvas instance? Yeah, we know you are! That’s why Canvas code is open-source! Check out our Coding Series videos for tips and tricks on API, JS, CSS, HTML and more for customization options galore.

  • Live API for Admins - No Programming Required 236394_-Circled 2 C-26.png
    • Ever wish you could get data out of Canvas that isn't in the Reports? Have you heard of the Live API? This is an interface that lets you, as an Admin, find some of the data you're looking for without any programming. InstCon 16 presentation by Lindy Foster @ Oregon State University

Data Series

Data rules. You need it, you want it. Our Data Series videos will introduce you to Canvas Data and other tools like Google Analytics that will give you the information you need to answer those questions on how Canvas is being used at your institution when it comes time for accreditation and budgets.

  • Canvas Data Portal: What Do I Do with That?  236338_Circled 1  C-26.png 
    • Instructure is a technology company committed to improving education. We provide instructors and students with modern tools and resources that empower and simplify the learning experience. Instructure offers Canvas, the open, easy-to-use, cloud-native learning management system, as well as Canvas Network, an index of open, online courses by educators everywhere — from Ivy League institutions to community colleges
  • Let Data Be Your Compass  236338_Circled 1  C-26.png 
    • Campers are invited to explore how Belhaven University is using data derived from Dropout Detective,, student end-of-course surveys, and faculty observations as a guide to offer students a better experience online. Participants will learn about practical resources and steps that could be implemented in their own institution.
  • Using Google Analytics to Understand Canvas Usage 236394_-Circled 2 C-26.png
    • Power on to understanding Canvas data with Jeremy Perkins, IC at Instructure. This 25 minute video is a workshop demo from one of our many CanvasCons. Explore the wealth of information you can pull from Canvas with Google Analytics.
  • Keeping Track of it all with Canvas Data 236394_-Circled 2 C-26.png
    • Interested in the potential of Canvas Data for your institution? Come see how Hult is using Canvas Data to focus on consistency and compliance across multiple locations and programs. Take an in-depth look at using Tableau to connect and visualize Canvas Data, and monitor trends across your institution.

LTI Series

Bring the best of the web into your course! We have over 260 LTIs available for integration on account, sub-account or course level. Check out our EduApp Center for even more. In this LTI Series for Admins, we will highlight some great demo videos of LTIs integrations where you can learn about keys, secrets and XML or URL configurations.

  • LTI your Canvas for Great Good 236338_Circled 1  C-26.png 
    • In addition to being an awesome learning management system, Canvas is an extensible platform. Come and learn the state of the art so that you can customize Canvas to fit your needs. InstCon 16 presentation by Andrew Butterfield, Travis Thurston, Erin Wadsworth.
  • Reflexive LTIs 236394_-Circled 2 C-26.png
    • LTIs are a great way to tie together separate learning tools. But, what if we want to tie together separate parts of the same learning tool? Take a look at how one school is creating LTI integrations that build feedback loops into Canvas, using the API to enrich LTI capabilities. InstCon 16 presentation by Seth Battis @ St. Marks School

Vendor Series

At Canvas, we’re committed to making integrations as easy as possible. Below you will find a variety of webinars by our vendor partners demo’ing third-party technologies.

  • Getting SMORE out of your Cengage Integration 236338_Circled 1  C-26.png 
    • Learn best practices and tips on integrating Cengage digital resources within Canvas. Streamline the student experience with a simple registration process providing single sign on and quick access to assignments through deep linking. Save time with automatic grade return and focus more time on teaching! It's a one stop, seamless and engaging user experience for students. Learn tips for collaborating, preparing your own courses and sharing material with adjuncts and students to make their transition easier too!
  • McGraw-Hill Education Deep Integration 236338_Circled 1  C-26.png 
    • Explore data integration possibilities with McGraw-Hill Education Connect and Canvas.
  • Breakthrough Integration - Canvas and Examinity 236338_Circled 1  C-26.png 
    • After three years and more than 50 integrations, Canvas and online proctoring groups have fine-tuned their collaboration. Examity will lead a discussion around the progress made since the beginning, citing expertise gained from being the integration partner in more than 1/2 of the total count. Participants will leave with an understanding of trends, successes and peer client examples.

Instructurecon 2016 Presentation Recordings 236394_-Circled 2 C-26.png

Unable to attend Instructurecon 2016? Missed out on a session you were really hoping to attend? Look no further! We at Canvas try to make accessing our resources as easy as possible. This collection of Instructurecon videos provides users a library of knowledge on a wide variety of topics, presentations and discussions.

Disclaimer: The listed resources have been shared publicly in our Canvas Community or in Commons. Sometimes Canvas evolves faster than the resources do, explore and find those that fit your needs!

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