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Athena's Canvas Adventure

Athena's Canvas Adventure

Good morning!  I am taking a course on technology and are working to set up a canvas classroom.  I am excited to see how this platform works because I am currently using Blackboard to teach my online military course and would love to see what other online platforms we could potentially use.  Stay tuned. Smiley Happy 


We are "tuned",  @athenawitten  !

Welcome to Canvas and to the Canvas Community!  @athenawitten  Welcome

You are in the right place to tell your story, and to get help creating your story in Canvas. This is fun and I am excited about your new adventure. This is the first time that I have noticed a new user starting their description of exploration in this way.

Are there any resources that I can point you to - sort of a kick-start for your trip?


Greetings Athena,

I'd like to echo what Kelley said.  I think you will find that there are a lot of people here is the community who will be excited to help you get started.  Many of us started similarly to you and received help initially from people we came into contact with in the forums.  Best of success to you!

Hi  @athenawitten  Thank You for joining and letting us know how things are going so far. You have posted in the Canvas Training space which is a smaller subset of this global Canvas Community and that is perfectly fine. We have a Getting Started page that can provide a jumping off point for learning more about Canvas or the Community. You are always welcome to post questions or start discussions in the main Find Answers‌ space and you can connect with people who have similar interests in the Join Groups space. If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to reach out. Teach long and prosper!

Hi from Down Under   @athenawitten .

Like  @kmeeusen  I'm glad you have started your story here. The Community is great place to share your story and ask questions along the way. Heck, we will learn from you too!

Best of luck, and keep us posted.