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Instructor Self-Paced Video Resources

Instructor Self-Paced Video Resources

236370_Video File-26 (1).png We know a lot of you prefer to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. Our goal is to provide you with several video resources that will assist you in learning the Instructor side of Canvas.

  236392_Circled 1  C-26.png Beginner 236393_-Circled 2 C-26.png Advanced

Welcome To Canvas Recordings 236371_Circled 1  C-26.png

First Look and Course Basics are two introductory training sessions that are each available as 1-hour recordings. These sessions will give new users a sneak peek into what they will experience as they begin their Canvas journey.

  • First Look
    • First Look introduces participants to the Canvas environment, login procedure, and global navigation. Attendees will explore account setup, personal preferences, and communication tools, such as the Inbox and Calendar. This session also presents the numerous avenues for support available to each Canvas user.
  • Course Basics
    • Course Basics provides an overview of the layout and features included in a Canvas course. Users will learn about the Course Navigation Menu and individual components that can be used to deliver content and assess student performance. This introductory demonstration provides users with the background knowledge to begin their Canvas journey.

Personality goes a long way 236388_Circled 1  C-26.png

Did you know that instructor presence in an online course is the single, most important factor in determining a student’s success and satisfaction? Frequent feedback, regular announcements, timely correspondence with students are just some indicators of teacher presence, but it doesn't necessarily guarantee it. In this session, the Canvas Network team will share creative ways to sprinkle your personality into your courses so students can connect with you -- and not the robot teacher in a dark room somewhere.

Tips to designing Mobile Friendly Assignments 236389_-Circled 2 C-26.png

While the Canvas app is effective in translating your course to be responsive on a mobile device, it is the job of the teacher or instructional designer to effectively design assignments to address the on-the-go learner, as well. We have tips to help you make your assignments even MORE mobile-friendly! 

Canvas Training T2T Series 236390_-Circled 2 C-26.png

Our very own Canvas Training Team presents the Train 2 Train series. This monthly series is designed for those folks who are in the position of training their faculty or staff on Canvas. Each month they feature a new topic, with discussions, feedback sessions and previews of new training sessions. While these sessions are delivered live, the recordings are made available after each session has ended.

  • Exciting Elementary Explorations!
    • This Canvas Live session gives users an opportunity to discover concepts surrounding some creative ways to integrate Canvas in K-5 classrooms. The session discusses exciting topics such as scavenger hunts, digital field trips, fun with videos and more! Join us in exploring best practices, sharing ideas and discovering more about what Canvas Training has to offer!
  • Mastery Paths
    • Differentiation is the buzz word that every teacher knows. How can I customize learning to the needs of my student? Canvas has an answer. That answer is Mastery Paths. Users will explore the various opportunities for student-centric learning that Mastery Paths offers, including performance triggered paths, custom pacing and even ways to let students choose their own adventure. We hope you choose *your* adventure today and join us for this exciting Mastery Paths journey!
  • Exploring Accessibility
    • This Canvas Live session will give users an opportunity to discuss concepts regarding accessible content creation. Together we will investigate resources which aid in the development of courses that are accessible to all. Come learn about best practices, share ideas and discover more about what Canvas Training has to offer!  

Google LTI Series 236390_-Circled 2 C-26.png 

Google LTI Series is a limited, bi-weekly series of 30-minute presentations and discussions designed to explore the power and capabilities of the new Google LTI integration. 

  • Canvas in Overdrive with Google Drive
    • In this session we will highlight the key features of the integration and demonstrate ways the LTI makes using Google with Canvas even easier.
  • Accessing Your Assets
    • Whether you’re a teacher or a student, the Google LTI allows you to share course materials or submit assignments with fewer clicks, respectively. See ways this seamless integration to your Google Drive makes file sharing so easy!
  • Driving Course Content
    • With the Google LTI integration, you can quickly link to or embed content from your Google Drive. Whether you are designing your course pages or organizing resources in modules, Google LTI leverages the Rich Content Editor (RCE) and external links, beautifully. Let us show you...
  • Assignments Simplified
    • From assignment creation to assignment submission to assignment grading. Watch how the assignment lifecycle is enhanced when the Google LTI is enabled in your course.
  • Worksheet Wonders
    • Worksheets can be essential to classroom activities and homework. But in the digital world, they can be a bit tricky to administer. One way is to post a digital copy of the worksheet for students, and hope they download, update, save and submit. Another way, (especially if you use Google Drive), is to create a template, make a copy, then share each one with a student, individually. Google LTI has helped to eliminate challenges and redundancies to worksheet templating! Woot-Woot!
  • Collaborative Explosions
    • With the Google LTI, take group work to the next level by creating collaborations for course groups, student groups, and on-demand groups for Google documents, spreadsheets and/or presentations! Learn how in this session!

Office 365 LTI Series 236390_-Circled 2 C-26.png 

Office 365 LTI Series is a limited, bi-weekly series of 30-minute presentations and discussions designed to explore the power and capabilities of the new Office LTI integration. 

  • O365 LTI Series: Canvas + Microsoft in the Clouds
    • In this session you will see the Microsoft Office 365 in action in Canvas. This session highlights the key features of the integration and demonstrates ways the LTI makes using Microsoft with Canvas even easier.
  • O365 LTI Series: Your New Course 'Ribbon
    • The Microsoft LTI allows students and teachers to access to their own O365 files within Canvas, creating less toggling between platforms. See ways this seamless integration to your Microsoft Office 365 makes file sharing (be it in course pages, assignments or modules) so efficient.
  • O365 LTI Series: The Word on Assignments
    • Assignment creation, submission, and grading has new advantages when the Microsoft Office LTI is enabled in Canvas. Check out ways to create templates and provide student feedback in a way that makes a teacher’s workflow feel like less work and more flow.
  • O365 LTI Series: Collaborations and Things Worth (One)Noting
    • With the Microsoft Office LTI, see ways that students can collaborate together on Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents.

CanvasCon Presentations  

In Canvas, the word ‘groups’ is used throughout the platform to mean different things. The Groupies Series is designed to clarify these nuances in hopes that you become a ‘fan’ of groups in Canvas.

  • Flipping the Higher Ed Classroom 236390_-Circled 2 C-26.png
    • Flipping the classroom is not only possible in higher ed, it is within reach, especially with the tools in Canvas. Designing these next generation learning opportunities with audio and video, Discussions, and Group spaces within your course spaces is easy. We’ll explore how.
  • FAQs For Beginners 236388_Circled 1  C-26.png
    • Getting started in Canvas can be overwhelming. How do I see my course like a student? How can I see what students are in my course? What browser do I use? How much file storage do I have? This session will explore some of the most frequently asked questions from instructors just starting with Canvas.

Groupies Series 236390_-Circled 2 C-26.png 

In Canvas, the word ‘groups’ is used throughout the platform to mean different things. The Groupies Series is designed to clarify these nuances in hopes that you become a ‘fan’ of groups in Canvas.

  • Assignment Groups
    • Have you ever wanted to weigh a group of assignments (i.e. 20%=quizzes, 40%=discussions, 40%=Assignments, etc.)? Have you ever thought to organize assignments into groupings or categories? Let’s review assignment groups and share a few ways you can leverage them for grading, organization and course management.
  • Group Assignments
    • When it comes to setting up your assignments in Canvas, what considerations should you make when accommodating for group submissions and group grading? Let’s review assignment settings, specifically the group-related ones, and leave with a few tips for designing group assignments.
  • Assignments for Groups (a.k.a. differentiated assignments)
    • Have you ever wanted to give one assignment to one group of students and another to a different group (without confusing students by having both assignments be visible)? Have you ever wanted to extend a deadline of one assignment to one group of students, but not the entire class? This session demonstrates ways to leverage differentiated assignments to customize course assignments in a way that keeps your gradebook clean and the students on track.
  • Group Discussions
    • How are group discussions different from class-wide discussions? What options are available when using graded (or ungraded) group discussions? And how do you navigate among group discussions once students begin posting? This session explores incorporating graded and ungraded group discussions into course design, and we'll consider the kinds of course activities and assignments that are best suited to group discussions.
  • People Groups
    • Student groups can exist within a course, as well as, outside of a course (account level groups). Let’s just jump in and deep-dive into these ‘people’ groups, be they at the course level or account level. From group settings to use-cases, let’s group together to discuss everything there is to know about groups.

Inspire Greatness with Canvas Feedback Loops 236390_-Circled 2 C-26.png

We all know that rich feedback between teachers and students inspires students to perform their best, corrects misconceptions, and encourages a growth mindset. But who has time? With Canvas you do! Not only does Canvas reduces time needed to provide rich feedback but also provides numerous pathways to get a feedback loop going with your students.   

                  Disclaimer: The listed resources have been shared publicly in our Canvas Community or in Commons. Sometimes Canvas evolves faster than the resources do, explore and find those that fit your needs!

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Here's a playlist with 4 self-paced videos that walk through the basics of using Canvas, if they are of use: Canvas Essentials - YouTube 

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