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Logging into Canvas

Logging into Canvas

If you cannot log in to Canvas, try using the steps below to log in to your account.

If you are trying to log into a Free-for-Teacher account, view Logging into a Free-for-Teacher account.

Verify Canvas URL

Verify Canvas URL

Verify that you are using the correct Canvas URL for your school or institution.

If you do not know which URL to use, you may need to contact your institution's IT department.

Note: Depending on your institution, you may need to log in via Single Sign On (SSO). This means you may need to enter your username and password on a login page that displays differently than the image above. For more information on logging into your institution's SSO page, contact your IT department.

Verify Username & Password

Verify that you are using the correct username and password.

  • If you use more than one Canvas URL, make sure you are using the correct login and password for each Canvas URL.
  • If your login and password were given to you from your institution and you are having trouble logging in, please contact your institution. (Your institution may have changed your login credentials.)
  • If you do not have a login and password, you may need to create an account.

Use Incognito/Private Browser

Something in your browser may be blocking your access to Canvas. To verify this, try using Chrome’s incognito or Firefox Private mode.

Request New Password

Request New Password

If you forgot your password, click the Forgot Password? link.

Request Password

Request Password

Enter your email address in the Email field [1]. Then click the Request Password button [2].

Learn more about resetting your password.

Note: It may take up to 30 minutes for your password reset email to send.

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i already have login info and password but not letting me login

yup now am frustrated...Am done no school for me  

I am attempting to log in for the first time with my username and password and are unsuccessful. Any suggestions

hi there good morning im trying to log in a while ago but i just cant .i try calling the school and ms glandy & i have no trying to log in into my online class.can you please contact me at my mothers phone or sisters.thank you ps:or at my email

I help logging in. I created an account and still unable to log in. Not sure what im doing wrong

Hi @dchavarria2,

I apologize for our late response. It appears you've been able to log into Canvas recently. Do you have any other questions or concerns? 




Try logging into If you are still unable to login, I'd recommend attempting to login from a different browser. If you receive an incorrect password error, you may need to reset your password (steps on that are included in the guide above).




Try logging into If you are still unable to login, I'd recommend attempting to login from a different browser. If you receive an incorrect password error, you may need to reset your password (steps on that are included in the guide above).



Hi @estefaniNavarro,

Unfortunately, I'm not able to verify your login information or URL for your school's Canvas instance as the email in your Canvas Community profile is incorrect. If you can provide the email that you use for Canvas, we can help a bit more. Alternatively, you can always trying reaching out to your school or Ms. Glandy again. 



Hi @Paola2020,

You'll need to login to your school's Canvas instance ( using the email that was used to register your Canvas account. From the look of your Canvas Community profile, it looks like it might be your student ID number (or a similar number) If you're still unable to log in. I'd recommend reviewing the troubleshooting tips in the guide above. 


I am trying to log In and put my rest password email in and I have waited about a hour and still don't have any email yet. my school starts next week and I can't get in yet please help 

oof I cant log in 

I logged and received a message "Access not authorized"?

Hi @anders21 ,

You may want to try the following options to troubleshoot password reset requests:

  • Have you typed your email address correctly? Sometimes email addresses can be misspelled.
  • Are you accessing the correct Canvas URL? You will not get the reset email if you are trying to reset your password on a site where you are not enrolled (such as instead of
  • Is your Canvas email sponsored by your institution? If your mail email address is part of a campus firewall system that blocks emails from mass senders, you won't be able to receive the email. Contact your institution's IT department for assistance.
  • Are you the owner of your email address? If your email address is owned by someone else and you can't receive email for that address, you won't be able to get the reset email. Contact the owner of the email address for assistance.


@bharri86 @K06_Broly @CRennert ,

If you are still experiencing issues with logging in, first make sure that you are using the correct URL. Many users encounter problems when they try logging into the wrong website. If you need help determining the correct URL, please let us know.


I requested a new password and got an email saying:

The password for this login should have been given to you by the system administrators at El Camino College, and Instructure doesn't have access to your password. If your password is not working, please contact the system administrators about changing or verifying your password.


That means that we are not able to reset your password for you.  You will need to contact the support center at El Camino College.  I found this page that may be helpful for you? El Camino Collge Canvas Information page 

I never received a reset email. Its been 16 hours since I first requested and 4 hours since my last request. I need to add my book to canvas and this is holding me up. Class starts tomorrow!! Please fix this.

Buenos días tengo usuario y contraseña correctos y no me deja ingresar.


i cant log in

Hi @Mdove1,

Sorry you are having trouble logging in. I took a quick look at your Canvas account and it appears that you were able to log in today. Do you have any further questions?


Hola @soledad01,

Traducido con Google Translate:
¿Cuál es el nombre de tu escuela?

Para iniciar sesión en Canvas, busque la URL de Canvas de su escuela e intente iniciar sesión allí.


Hi @df77827,

Try logging into Does that let you log in? 



I have the correct username and password but its saying my information is invalid. I have not had any type off issue with it for 2 weeks until now, it will not let me sign in. What can I do?

I don't know why but I was okay yesterday and last week but now when I put my username and password it saying it's invalid even though I'm doing it correctly.

@lokibusch - have you contacted your local school to see if they can help you with your login.  If you're not sure who to reach out to there you may want to start with your teacher.

@can_vaslearning - same for you.  Please reach out to your local school or teacher to help you with your login account.

okay thank you.

i already have an account but wont let me log in. i could log in through my phone but say access deny on my classes or work. already missed two day of school. i guess I'm done!

Hi @Bellabee14,

I'm sorry to hear that it has been frustrating to log in to Canvas thus far. First, it's important to make sure you are logging in at the right place. Many schools use Canvas so it can be confusing at times to have the correct URL. Looks like your school's login portal is here. They seem to have some helpful links available to assist you with username and password questions.


So many complaints difficulty logging in. Please resolve this issue ASAP.

I'm trying to login but it's saying my password is wrong?and its not I keep putting it slowly at a time and its still saying it's wrong.

I am a parent of a student at Catasauqua High School and I am having trouble. I already set up my parent canvas account using my phone. Now I am trying to access this account from my computer and I don't know how. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

I have a parent account thru Hillsborough county public schools. No one seems to be able to figure this issue out.

Login in as parent. One of my kids, I can view all his classes except homeroom. My other kids, I can view all her classes.

The contact the district and they cant seem to resolve the issue. 

I have logged in so many times until it directed me to use a different link that already had me signed in with my password. 

Not letting me log in to the lock down browser. It lets me login through this and through the regular website. I need to take a quiz!

I have been using Canvas for a few years now and even logged in yesterday, I am now receiving the message that my email or password are incorrect, neither have been changed. I don't understand what the issue may be. Can someone help get this issue resolved?

@VKeeton @asugalan & @Vrod_1212,

Seems like you are all having similar issues so I will combine your comments and answer together.

This lesson includes several tips for logging into Canvas so I would certainly suggest reading it if you haven't already. One thing mentioned above that I want to highlight is: Make sure you have the correct Canvas URL. There are many schools who use Canvas so you want to make sure you are logging in under the correct URL. For more information on the right URL, please contact your school's help desk or IT department.

If you are in the right place and using the correct credentials, you may want to reset your password, reach out to your school, or contact Canvas Support.




We do not manage the lockdown browser you may be using. Please talk to your teacher to get the help you need so you can take your quiz.



Looks like you may want to try logging in here:


hi i cannot log in i know my username and password its the same login as what i use to login at school!!! I am going to pee my pants i cannot figure this out, im crying (not literally, only figuratively, dont tell my mom)

I am on and yet it wont let me login with my user, I've tried using both my email and my login ID as the thing. I've requested my password twice now and have received nothing. help help help help!

none of my teachers really know canvas yet so i dont think they'd know either. tell me. pleasxe.

@Ocelleot do you have access to your school email account? Typically when you request a password reset, the password reset link is sent to the email address used to log in to Canvas. In this case, it looks like it's the email address managed by your school district. Try logging in with that email address and your most recent password and if that doesn't work, request another password reset and check your school email inbox (you may need to check all the folders and the spam/junk folder). There may be a slight delay after you request the password reset and when you receive the email, so be patient and give it time to arrive. If it still doesn't work, is there a technical support team at your school you can contact? They may have a third-party tool to manage your student account passwords. You can usually find that contact info on your school's website.


- Nathan

I figured out how to login.

ugh still cant get in

Hi @29linjustin

Sorry to hear you're struggling to log in to Canvas. Looks like you were logged in earlier today and maybe you were logged out. Does that sound correct? You may need to clear the browser cache and cookies and re-try to log in. Check out the first part of this lesson for information about how to clear your cache and cookies. 

- Allie 

I can't sigh in to canvas.  I inserted my username and password correctly, but it doesn't let me log in. 

Hello everybody! I managed to get into my account. It's weird, no matter what I do, I can't login with a username and password (even got to talk with the tech people in school who helped out.) . Not sure the reason, but here's my solution.

I went to my Schools website, not canvas. I found their page for canvas and clicked on it. Instead of it asking for a user and password, it asked for me to login with Google and I got in immediately. 

Canvas could likely fix this problem I've seen several people have by adding a link that says Login with Google. It's on most websites and could be a good edition, since our accounts are linked to our emails anyway. 

Hope this helps! 



I’m having trouble logging in my canvas I tried everything resetting the password clearing out my history along with the cookies it won’t let me log in It keeps saying I have the wrong username/ password not sure whats happening But I have to get this issue fixed asap I have quiz later today and won’t be able to until this gets fixed 

Hi @Kimrodrig_12

I'm so sorry to hear that you're struggling to log in to Canvas! I double checked, and it looks like this might be your school's Canvas login page. Hopefully that helps! Please let us know if there's anything further we can help with. 



I already have a login info and it won't let me in to log in to my account 


First thing, make sure you are attempting to log in from the correct URL. Are you logging in from this page



Looks like you need to log into ClassLink first here. 


Hi! I'm struggling to get into my canvas account. I reset my password, verified my account, and tried logging in on an incognito browser. None of those options worked. 

Hi @gabbyronngren,

What URL are you using when you try to log in? Looks like you should start here.


I’m trying to log into canvas as a parent with my myspot info it’s not working

Hi @DeeBossMomm,

What URL are you using to log in to Canvas? Is it the same URL you used when you created your account?


Estimados buenas Noches, quisiera saber si siempre se debe ingresar por intermedio del campus y después al Canvas o existe alguna manera de ir directo a esta última. Gracias

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