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Removing a course from my dashboard

Removing a course from my dashboard

Your Canvas Dashboard displays your active courses. Active courses are courses that are published and that are within the course start and end dates.

The Dashboard may display past courses that are still favorited as well as courses that have no specified end date.  If a course has ended but it still displays in your dashboard, you may need to reach out to your instructor and request that they add an end date for the course.

Additionally, if you have dropped a course, it may take up to 24 hours for your enrollment status to update in Canvas. If a dropped course still displays in your Dashboard after this time, you should confirm with your institution that you are fully dropped from the course.

Open Courses List

In Global Navigation, click the Courses link [1]. Then click the All Courses link [2].


View Past Enrollments

View Past Enrollments

You may be able to view a list of your past enrollments in your Courses List. If a course in the Past Enrollments list is favorited, you can click the Favorite icon to unfavorite the course.

Note: Courses in the Past Enrollments list cannot be favorited.

displays You can view favorited courses  display If a course displays a You can view your past enrollments in

If you have a course that has ended but is still on the dashboard, it is likely that it is missing an end date in the course settings. As a student, you cannot change this.

If you’d like to remove it, your instructor will need to add an end date. Contact your instructor for assistance using the Inbox or through the help menu.

Alternatively, you can use course favoriting to determine which courses appear on your dashboard.

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