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Apply Chart Filters

Apply Chart Filters


How do I apply filters to charts?


  1. Select a chart of interest by clicking on it.
  2. Open the sidebar by clicking on the hamburger icon at the top right of the application.
  3. Click Filters in the Modify section of the sidebar.
    This presents applicable filters for the chart functional area.
  4. Select the filter name you wish to use (or click the down arrow located next to the filter name).
    This expands a list of categories that can be used to filter the data.
  5. Click the desired filter.
    The chart is immediately redrawn showing the data associated with the checked filter value(s) only. The remaining, unselected value are filtered out from the chart.

To apply a filter, select a filter option to expand it, then select the checkboxes corresponding to the items you want to filter on.  

You an use multiple filters at once to narrow the scope of a chart. For example, you can select Elementary for School Category, Hispanic and White for Race/Ethnicity, and Gifted and Talented for Program Types.

TIP: To undo all filter changes at once, click the Reset all link at the top right of the sidebar.

Filter Example

In the Academics functional area, charts initially present data for the district as a whole for district staff roles; for school administrator users, charts present data for the entire school. The data is for all grade levels and all subpopulations, and for all ethnic and gender groups. You can filter out one or more school type(s), school(s), grade levels, ethnicity, genders, and subpopulations. For example, when viewing a chart aggregated for the whole school district, you may want to narrow the scope of the chart to one or more school type.

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