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Visuals Library

Visuals Library

The Visuals Library provides access to the many charts and dashboards available in Videri.

To access the Visuals Library, click Visuals on the menu at the top of the screen.

The Visuals Library is organized into two sections: Yours and Organization.


Any chart or dashboard you marked as a favorite is under the Favorites section. Created by You contains all the personal charts and dashboards you created. If anyone published a chart or dashboard to you, you can find it under Published to You.


In this section are links to functional areas such as Academics, Finance, and Human Resources. When you click on a link you are directed to subject area folders. Within each subject area are dashboards and charts. Dashboards are a grouping of related charts. If you click on the plus sign to the right of the dashboard, the list of charts contained in the dashboard are individually listed.

About Charts and Dashboards

A dashboard is a collection of charts. Functional area dashboards contain charts related to the specific function. You can also create your own personal dashboards containing any selection of charts.

Both dashboards and individual charts are available in the Visuals Library.

Selecting an individual chart in the Visuals Library will open that chart at full-size and display applicable information and actions for the selected chart in the sidebar. Conversely, selecting a dashboard displays multiple charts at once, and provides applicable dashboard actions in the sidebar.

Selecting a Chart Within a Dashboard

Dashboards show their charts at a smaller size to facilitate the dashboard-style view. When viewing a dashboard, the sidebar initially displays applicable information and actions for the dashboard as a whole.

The application enables you to work with the dashboard as a whole or with an individual chart within the dashboard. To activate an individual chart, you select it by clicking or tapping the chart on the dashboard. A border displays around the chart to indicate it is active, and the sidebar information changes to provide information and actions specific to the selected chart.

You can open a chart within a dashboard to full-size by choosing “View” from the sidebar once the chart is selected.

TIP: if you are using a device with a mouse, you can also double-click a chart within a dashboard to open it full-size.

Dashboard Layout

Dashboards present multiple charts in a grid of columns and rows. Generally, a chart occupies a single cell (intersection of column and row); however, some charts use 2 columns on a single row – this is done selectively to enhance visualization of data presented in certain charts. Note the top right and bottom left charts in the figure below to see multi-cell charts. Dashboard layout is completely dynamic: as more charts are added to (or removed from) a dashboard, the layout is expanded or collapsed, depending on the number of charts.

Dashboard Sidebar

You can perform various actions on dashboards. These actions are available from the sidebar, which is activated by clicking the hamburger icon, located at the right of the Videri screen. Actions applicable to the dashboard as a whole are enabled as shown below; disabled actions are reserved for selected charts only.

NOTE: Sidebar actions are defined in the article titled Using the Charts and Dashboards Sidebar.

TIP: To close/hide the action menu, click on the hamburger icon.


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