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How do I publish a watchlist?

How do I publish a watchlist?

Watchlists display and allow you to track key metrics for selected students. If you are a district administrator, you can publish watchlists to other users at your institution.


  • After you publish a watchlist to a user, they can view the watchlist in the Published to You section of the Watchlists page.
  • Users to whom you publish the watchlist cannot edit or delete it.

Open Watchlists

Open Watchlists

In the navigation menu, click the Watchlists link.

Open Watchlist

On the Watchlists page, select the watchlist category [1].

Then click the watchlist title [2].

Open Sidebar

To open the sidebar, click the Tools menu icon [1]. The sidebar displays next to the watchlist [2].

Publish Watchlist

Click the Publish link.

Select Roles or Users

To make the watchlist available to specific users or user roles at your institution, select the checkboxes next to all the roles or users [1]. Selections display above [2]. To find specific roles or users, enter text in the Search bar [3].

Then, click the Publish button [4].


  • When you publish a watchlist, the group of roles and users you select overwrites any group to whom the watchlist was previously published. Make sure you select all the roles and users who should be able to view the watchlist.
  • To unpublish a watchlist from certain users, follow the steps to publish but do not select those users. Then click the Publish button.
  • To unpublish a watchlist entirely, follow the steps to publish but do not select any users. Then click the Publish button.

View Published Notification

View the Published notification.

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