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How do I use the Watchlists page?

How do I use the Watchlists page?

Watchlists allow you to track and easily view key metrics for selected groups of students. Watchlists also display links to view individual student information, including their scorecard. Videri includes three kinds of watchlists.

From the Watchlists page you can create a new watchlist or view and manage your watchlists.

Open Watchlists

Open Watchlists

In the navigation menu, click the Watchlists link.

View Watchlists Page

From the Watchlists page you can click the Create new watchlist button to create any kind of watchlist: Static, Dynamic, and Points-Based Dynamic.

You can also view watchlists available to you:

  • Created by You [2]: watchlists you created
  • Published to You [3]: watchlists someone at your institution created and shared with you
  • Published by You [4]: watchlists you created and published to one or more users at your institution.

Links to individual watchlists display to the right [5].

Note: The Published by You link only displays if you have permission to publish watchlists.

Open Watchlist

To view or manage a watchlist, click the watchlist title link.

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