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Top 10 Areas of Priority

Top 10 Areas of Priority

This document is to help us identify which feature ideas, bugs, usability, things that we (as a group) wish to band together on are most urgent for our sector. 

Priority #


High Level NotesBusiness ImpactLinks to Relevant Feature Ideas
1Quiz Re-submissions workflow / Build on last attempt with Canvas Quizzes

1. In reattempts, only show questions which need to be re-submitted, and

2. For questions needing re-submitting, display previous response(s) together with previous assessor feedback, rather than a completely blank quiz. 

2Rubrics do not support progression to competencyEvidence (criteria selections) from a rubric are overwritten if used more than once and there is no record in previous submissions or the Gradebook History. Better capability to capture this progression to competency in one assignment.
3Ability to mute/un-mute individual student assessments
4Annotations for all assignment submissionsStudents can currently only see annotated feedback from most recent submission. Wanting the same functionality as teachers have in the SpeedGrader, to be able to see all previous submissions and teacher feedback.
5'Inactive' at User levelAbility to suspend account access from user level not needing to update enrolment status for every course or update email login credential to prohibit login.
6Restrict number of assignment submissionsInability to restrict the number of individual assignment submissions, can currently only limit the submission timeframe which is not helpful for us.
7Course completion reportingReporting solution for success rates of all students for all assessments within a course or across multiple courses.
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Something we would like to see is a quiz that is marked, but given complete/incomplete to reflect competent/NYC. Currently we are having to allocate points for a marked quiz.

We haven't found an effective alternative to using points for quizzes either. We might also be interested in easy to setup alternatives that don't use points. What would be of great value to us however is if we could setup a quiz so that once a question was successfully answered that question would not be presented to the student again. In other words, for a resubmission the student only sees the questions that were not successfully answered the first time.

I am not a fan of how the percentages attributed to student scores are by default based only upon the assignments that they have submitted. I can see how that might be helpful in a competitive Uni environment, but VET students are understandably more focused upon the percentage of the total required assessments that they have completed. As soon as our students see their score as 100% they often think that have finished, but they may have only submitted 2 of their 5 required tasks. I would be interested to know if anyone else experiences problems like this.

This is our biggest issue, Damian. We are very keen for any function that limits student confusion associated with resubmitted quizzes. Our suggestions include:

  1. Only show questions that need re-submitting - as you have suggested
  2. For questions needing re-submitting, display previous response(s) together with previous assessor feedback, rather than a completely blank quiz.

Our students are also at times a bit startled by the re-submission warning that advises them they are only responding to say 3 of the 20 quiz questions. The above fixes would also eliminate that.

I think you and I are sharing the same brain re the quizzes,  @sarah_vidmar . I think the warning is generally a good idea, but it does make our resubmitting students nervous.

A couple of our biggest concerns:

  • evidence (criteria selections) from a rubric are overwritten if used more than once and there is no record in previous submissions or the Gradebook History. For us this means that if a student is recorded as unsatisfactory for a performance task and then recorded as satisfactory the evidence of the first selection has disappeared. We have a work around however one assignment per task would be great.
  • If a teacher uses annotated comments on a submission and the student resubmits they (the student) cannot view the annotations from the first submission. This requires the teacher to download the annotated document and attach it to the assignment comments.

Our biggest issue so far is the inability to restrict the number of individual assignment submissions to an arbitrary number. In a similar vein, there should definitely be a way to allow educators to submit assignments on behalf of a learner. The number of potential issues this would create a workaround for make it kind of a no-brainer in my opinion.

Suspending a user account

We currently have to add random text to the email address to stop a user accessing canvas. It would be a lot easier to make a user inactive.

Muting an individual assessment grade

We would like to be able to mute/un-mute individual student assessments.

Statistics/reporting around assessment re-submissions

Ability to view higher level data around re-submissions (Gradebook history) i.e. by course/account.

As I mentioned in our meeting today, I too would love to be able to easily access a report that shows the success rates of all our students for all assessments within a course or across multiple courses.

 @dnoud ‌  @ilana ‌ Great point about legacy quizzes having limitations around application to the VET sector with 'Points'. Something worth looking into perhaps is using New Quizzing (when you are comfortable to), as this tool allows for displaying the grade as Complete/Incomplete, Percentage, Letter Grade etc as per other Canvas Assignments!

Good point here although be mindful that Complete/Incomplete currently aligns with a score of 100% or 0% - yikes!

Would be nice to assess a quiz via a banded rubric to award a competency/mastery statement and not bother about the % score!