User Group Invitation - December 2022



We’ve missed each other recently…..

2022 was a massive year! We’re now living and working in a post-COVID world (aka “new norm”). The sector has learned to reimagine, adapt and advance out of economic necessity. As a CSM, I’ve seen this development in real-time and have observed the subsequent emergence of resilience and confidence in what you do. From the feedback I’ve received, this sentiment was echoed at the recent VELG conference.

With education delivery being fundamentally reshaped, Canvas is now more than ever focused on creating solutions for a new world. A recent 2022 State Of Student Success & Engagement in Higher Education article identified “competency-based and skills-based learning” as one of 6 key trends that shaped student success and engagement in 2022. Why is this huge? With Global markets shifting their thinking, the power of a global voice shaping Canvas can only mean greater considerations for this sector. This was evident in a recent update to our Product Road Map (As always, Kerri was on the pulse and spotted some absolute gold) as well as discussions around the use of Canvas Credentials (Pathway and Badging).

So on Friday, December 16th, we’re going to take stock of your year. The panel will be discussing your achievements, your learnings and your dreams. We’re then going to open a few “presents” that will assist in the evolution of your learners', trainers' and assessors' journey on Canvas. There will also be a prize of Canvas SWAG Prize for the best “festive dressed” participant. On behalf of the panel, we’re looking forward to seeing you there to help shape a strong start to 2023!



Want to know more? Be sure to reach out if you have any questions or comment below.

Kerri Buttery Partner, VETNexus (Panel) @kerributtery 
Marita Bird Assessment Director, TasTAFE (Panel) @marita_bird 
Paul Pellier LMS Administrator (Panel)
Adam Ware Snr CSM - Instructure APAC (Chair Umpire) @adamwarecs 


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