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User Group Meet-up: April '20

User Group Meet-up: April '20


  • Account Settings and Feature Options - how do you configure and manage these?
  • Best practices for Release Notes and staying up to date with the platform
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Ruth - can we include potentially the inclusion of documents for download in New Quizzes questions?

Hi Kerri, can you elaborate further on what you are referring to here?

Sure  @rthornton ! 

The RCE in New Quizzes has most of the functionality we would have on a wiki page, but one thing I noticed is that we can't link directly to files. For example, if I want students to fill out a table as their response (in amongst a range of other quiz questions) there is no way of doing this using one of the question types other than file upload (download a document with the table template and headings, etc, then upload it to the response). We could do this in legacy quizzes and was the workaround to tables usually. Even using Stimulus as an option - there is no easy way that I can see to provide a document to be downloaded, such as a PDF or a Word document to use as a template. 

What I have been doing as a work around is uploading a file to 'files' and getting the URL from there, putting it in as a hyperlink on the text in the question. I'm worried though, that when a course is blueprinted, copied, shared to commons, etc that the link in that URL won't be dynamic and students undertaking that quiz won't be able to access the file in their quiz.

I've not been able to find anything on this anywhere else so was wondering if anyone here had tried it or had any tips around it.


Hi folks. I am sorry I won't be able to make this meeting due to presenting webinars to help our students through the COVID-19 challenges.

Have another great catch-up.


Hi everyone, hope you are all doing ok.

Sorry I won't be able to participate tomorrow.... just had an afternoon appointment brought forward to the same time slot.

Disappointed I can't attend Smiley Sad


I will be there but I may be late coming on  @rthornton ‌. I am delivering training beforehand and could go over.

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