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User Group Meet-up: July '20

User Group Meet-up: July '20

Now that we have covered off on the topics we set out to discuss last year, it's time for a new batch!

Any ideas, burning questions or things you've always wondered? Now is the perfect time to raise them for us to discuss Smiley Happy Comment on this event to have you say - big or small, send your topics through!

The agenda will then be updated based on these responses, prior to the meeting.

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Hey Ruth

I have just realised that I have been missing these meetings, didn't realise they were on so might need to change my settings.

What time is the meeting on the 22nd July as it appears to only have the US time here?

Kind regards 


Hi Colleen!

You can update your timezone by editing your Community profile - How do I set my user preferences in the Canvas Community? Hope to see you at the next one Smiley Happy

Hey Ruth,

We have a couple of topics we'd like to explore!

  1. We'd like to know how other RTO's build out their assessment tools, specifically projects.
    1. Do they use just what Canvas has to offer i.e. Assignment builder, classic/New quizzes? Or do they use additional integrations such as H5P, O365, google docs, etc?
    2. What do you find works the best for student engagement?


  1. In relation to the rubric and marking guides for trainers, is it possible to house marking guides within Canvas and if so, where would be the best spot?
    1. In a separate rubric that student's cannot see
    2. In an unpublished page
    3. Somewhere else that I do not know about

Kind Regards,


Hey Grace!

These are terrific topics, thank you for putting them together - we can certainly cover these next week Smiley Happy

I too very much like the ideas proposed by  @grace2 .

My additional thought was to just ask the attendees to describe something cool or clever they had implemented in their instance. This might flesh out some interesting gold nuggets.

I am looking forward to catching up with everyone.

I would love to hear if and how other institutions have used Canvas for MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), including the self-enrolment feature.  @natacha_hes ‌

Thanks for attending to those who made it today. Lots of awesome sharing and ideas. I feel smarter already. 

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