VET User Group Meeting: August 2020



It's time for the latest installment of the VET User group. Happening this Thursday (11:00 am AEST), Damian Noud (@dnoud - MrWed) will be chairing with the assistance of Canvas Customer Success team membersRuth Thornton @rthornton  and Adam Ware @adamwarecs.


Damian NoudChair - MrWed@dnoud 
Ruth ThorntonCSM - APAC@rthornton 
Adam WareCSM - APAC@adamwarecs 
Kerri ButteryVetNexus@kerributtery 


Meeting Notes

0:09:48: Discussion on logbooks in Canvas. Using tools such as Microsoft and Google connect via the LTI (if they have an account). With form software, they could create a public link for them to access. You could also create an unlimited submission assignment and they update each week.

0:18:38: Tracking attendance at multiple instances within a course. Current Canvas Roll Call LTI can only capture attendance one per day. Google forms were mentioned along with the use of Discussions which was exhibited by K12 schools.

0:23:17: Concluding Courses in Canvas. Concluding doesn’t stop them being able to login, but you can decide if you want concluded student to have read-only access to the course or no access to the course.

0:44:44: "Question: How have other RTO's managing to match performance criteria from assessments to student outcomes in their student management system?" Discussion focusing on mapping strategies around assessments. Great takes on fully automated as well as some semi-automated solutions

0:51:20: Using outcomes to build out an observation checklist as opposed to using outcomes for the achievement of an entire unit? 

0:54:49: Can you assign multiple tasks into one outcome?