Vocational Ed & Training - May '21 User Group



This month, Julian Ridden from Upskilled (Previously RedHill Education Group and Instructure) will be showcasing his Student Journey created in response to COVID19 restrictions brought upon us in 2020/21. His presentation will be focusing on the importance of a Student-centric approach to Vocational learning and will include:

  • Onboarding tips to prepare students for online learning
  • Use of native and 3rd party apps to monitor student progress
  • Assessment formats to encourage digital device and video use
  • Providing ongoing feedback to students and trainers/assessors
  • Plus a special surprise for those that attend


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Damian Noud Team Leader – Learner Success Team, MRWED (Chair) @dnoud 
Kerri Buttery Partner, VETNexus (Chair) @kerributtery 
Julian Ridden Head of eLearning, Upskilled (presenter) @jridden
Ruth Thornton CSM - Instructure APAC @rthornton 
Adam Ware CSM - Instructure APAC @adamwarecs 



[00:00] - Introduction to speakers. Julian introduces the world BC (*before covid) explains how the world changed on a dime and challenges that needed to be met

[05:43] - The Strategy: Skeuomorphism. How do we take artifacts from the real world and represent them digitally?

[06:31] - Student-Centered: Our COVID Definition. Discusses the approach in this brave new world, not only for you as a business but you as a human.

[10:17] - The Strategy: Our Methodology. Canvas -"One place for all things NOT one tool for all things"

[10:56] - Canvas Strengths: Integrations. LTIs that allow us to connect tools together within Canvas.

[11:13] - Canvas Strengths: Customisation. Including "The Library Space" and "Online Orientation"

[15:04] - Getting Help: Support Frameworks. Building help mechanisms for Students and Staff have what they need to be successful.

[21:35] - Communication: Cleaner, Better comms. Using Canvas native features and paid LTIs to communicate with your audience in Canvas.

[29:55] - Building at Scale: Effective, Efficient, and Engaging. How do we build content at scale with Canvas native features, paid Canvas features of LTIs.

[37:00] - The Data Story: Useful and Actionable. Tracking actionable insights using Canvas and other data streams.
- Article: Setting up Google Analytics - Canvas Community

[46:40] - How do some Up Covid? Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.

[49:30] - Canvas New Releases. We talk about some new feature options that we think will make your life easier!
The Canvas Road Map - Canvas Community  - Be in the know for PRODUCT!
- SpeedGrader: Submission Reassignments - Canvas Community
- SpeedGrader: Comment Library - Canvas Community
- Permissions: Manage Courses Granularity - Canvas Community
- Canvas User Release Summaries - Canvas Community

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Community Participant

Thanks for sharing @adamwarecs! I won't be online live for this one unfortunately but Julian I cannot wait to catch the recording! Shared with my network 🙂


Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Community Participant

I won't be able to make it today, unfortunately, but cannot wait to watch the recording, sounds like such a great session! 


@grace2 and @kerributtery - Recording and session slide deck now available. Enjoy! 😎

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Thanks to all those who attended. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.