Vocational Ed & Training - November '21 User Group




In our last Ve&T Usergroup catchup, we explored strategies and ideas on structuring quality assessments as well as how this can be managed within Canvas (recording below). This month we're going on the next important part of assessments:

Session 2: Let's give feedback!
What makes good feedback? How can feedback make a student's learning experience even more enjoyable? Using data to support trainer/assessor feedback? This session will focus on the role of the assessor and how they can use canvas to provide quality feedback your efficiently than they ever have.

These sessions are open to Canvas customers so please feel free to invite your staff or any relevant parties.


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Damian Noud Team Leader – Learner Success Team, MRWED (Chair) @dnoud 
Kerri Buttery Partner, VETNexus (Panel) @kerributtery 
Marita Bird Assessment Director, TasTAFE (Panel) @marita_bird 
Adam Ware Snr CSM - Instructure APAC @adamwarecs 



[00:00] - Introduction to guests and panelist.

[03:30] - The need to recognize change. (Discussion). 

  • Information based on change from our panel guests.
  • This year, the PS team also hosted a webinar with our internal change guru Jonathon Perry. You can watch and use this free resource here.

[12:34] - Driving successful adoption for better feedback.

[21:43] - How to give quality feedback in Canvas

[52:00] - November Product Features