Vocational Education & Training User Group: October 2023 (Ai and Assessment)



It’s been a busy few months and with the end of the year as well as VELG approaching fast, we’re going to celebrate the recent product victories for the sector as well as reimagine what student engagement can look like for ongoing business success.

On Friday, October 27th, we’ll be discussing:

  • Designing for AI
    Ai might go down as the most polarising term of 2023. Our panel will take a quick dive into Ai and what it means to Education in the sector. We’ll engage in discussion on how you can use Canvas to create engaging experiences, maintain academic integrity and maximise business-wide efficiency. Suggest checking out the Artificial Intelligence in Education featured links for insights.

  • Canvas Product and VET 2023
    With the celebrated release of Build On Last Attempt (which brings a smile to my face every day), the Instructure Product Team will stop by to showcase it’s shiniest features and delve into use cases for the VET sector

We encourage all members to meet and engage online with us before networking the following week at VELG.



Want to know more? Be sure to reach out if you have any questions or comments below.

Kerri Buttery Partner, VETNexus (Panel) @kerributtery 
Marita Bird Assessment Director, TasTAFE (Panel) @marita_bird 
Paul Pellier LMS Administrator (Panel)
Adam Ware Snr CSM - Instructure APAC (Chair Umpire) @adamwarecs 


Supporting Links.

  • Instructure’s Responsible AI Principles: 

    At Instructure we believe in thoughtful, strategic, ethical implementation of new technologies. We are committed to partnering with our customers and the edtech community at large to develop a positive and responsible approach to the use of AI. An important first step in this process was to align our internal governance to support the responsible development and use of AI in our products.

  • AI Resources Hub
    Generative AI is a transformative technology that will elevate student success, empower educators, and enhance the ways we teach and learn. We believe–when implemented with an intentional, secure, and human-driven approach–Generative AI has the power to promote equitable and impactful learning experiences for everyone.

  • 5 Tips to Understanding AI for Today’s Classroom
    Understanding AI basics will help lay the groundwork for your institution to strategically harness the power of AI on your campus. Read on for 5 in-depth tips to get you started on the path to comprehensive AI strategy and deployment.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Education (Canvas Community Group)