Instructure Community - Badges

The Instructure Community utilizes badges to acknowledge members for their valuable contributions. Additionally, the scaled badges make it simple to identify credible members throughout the Community! How will you participate?


Logging in to the Community is the first step to participating in the Instructure Community. We appreciate your participation and look forward to your contributions!

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Providing likes to replies also says "thanks" to Community members for helpful or detailed comments. Be generous as you give out likes throughout the Instructure Community as it helps identify higher quality and helpful content for other users.

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Commenting on questions or blogs helps drive conversations and arrive at innovative solutions. As you assist someone in the Question Forums and contribute to ongoing conversations on blogs based on your interests and expertise, you're helping others! You're making a difference.

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Sharing about your experience in the Question Forums makes it possible for Community members to find resolutions to their questions. Your thoughtful and thorough posts have been identified as solutions! You make a difference as others advance their understanding of the Instructure Learning Platform.

First Solution Provided
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Authoring new content in a Community blog provides you with the opportunity to share your stories, big wins, or thought processes. The open-ended beauty of stories about discovery, learning, and application helps Community members gain valuable insights from peers.

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Hosting live events allows Community members to deepen their understanding of Instructure products and ed-tech trends. The flexibility for this real-time engagement also builds personal learning networks and an overall sense of community.

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We appreciate your continued participation in the Instructure Community. Your contributions help make the Community a great place to learn and share. Thank you for your continued participation!

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Special Edition

Attending Instructure events or completing tasks will occasionally earn you a limited-release badge. Each badge has its unique requirements, so click the image to learn more!

CSM Community Champ 2023

CSM Community Champ 2023

This badge was awarded to Instructure CSMs who participated in a special project during 2023 peak season.

Profile Completed

Profile Completed

Be real. Be you! Earn this badge by adding your first and last name, biography, and title to your Community profile.

2M Strong

2M Strong

You completed our annual Community Survey! Thank you for being one of the 2 Million members who make the Instructure Community an awesome place.

InstCon '24 Presenter

InstCon '24 Presenter

Thanks for sharing your insights and innovations at InstructureCon 2024! Your contribution enriches the Ed-Cosystem's collective knowledge.

InstructureCon '24

InstructureCon '24

Awarded to InstCon '24 attendees, this badge recognizes your participation and commitment to learning and collaboration in our Community.