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Verifying Imported Assessments

Verifying Imported Assessments

If your district has contracted to import assessments, the assessments should be verified after they are imported by either the author of the assessment or an administrator in their group. 

Some key details to verify include:

  • The assessment title
  • The items in the assessment. (Some assessments may have had items removed because they were not found in the application. This may happen, for example, when a district-created item is not available in enCASE.)

Verify Imported Assessment

To find an assessment and verify its details:

From the Assessments menu, choose Classroom.

Click the Edit Assessment icon.

A message appears at the top if any items were removed because they are not available in the system. For example:

In the "Assessment" section below, you can see the items that are in the assessment under "Selected Items". 

Add or remove items if necessary. You may click Save Changes and Preview to preview the assessment.

If the assessment is all set, and you do not wish to see the top message again, click Mark Resolved

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